Police Witness Testifies In Alleged Murder of Sinnah Involving Sky Bank MD


By Feima Sesay

Police Inspector, Brima Amara Munu, has on Tuesday 13 December 2022 testified in the alleged murder of Sinnah Kai Kargbo involving Sky Bank MD Ikubolaje Nicol.

The accused Ikubolaje Nicol is under preliminary investigation before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.1 for the offence of murder, conspiracy and perverting the cause of justice.

The particulars of offence indicated that on diverse dates between the 15th and 16th October 2022, at Leicester Village, the accused conspired with other persons unknown to murder Sinnah Kai Kargbo.

Led in evidence by lead State Prosecutor A. Jalloh, third Prosecution Witness Detective Inspector Brima Amara Munu told the court that he is attached to the Centra Police Division.

According to him, he was on duty on the aforementioned date when one Idrissa Kamara of No.47 Lumley Road together with the Ops officer supreitendent.

George Momoh brought the accused to the Division, adding that Idrissa immediately made report of alleged murder of Sinnah Kai Kargbo by the accused.

The witness said he recorded the report and obtained statement from the Complainant Idrissa, adding that he visited the Connaught mortuary where the remains of Sinnah was taken and upon their arrival at the mortuary, Idrissa identified the remains of Sinnah.

He said his colleague took a snap shot of the remains and he observed that the deceased wore a trousers and she was having a swollen face.

The witness furthered that when they returned to the Police, he obtained voluntary statement from the accused.

He said based on the intelligence received, he prepared a search warrant and they proceeded to the premises of the accused at No.1 Nicol Drive, Leicester.

Upon their arrival, they conducted a search at the house and discovered assorted items including female clothes, bed spread, 2 pillow cases, 1 Samsung mobile phone which they took as an Exhibits.

After the end of the search exercise, they headed to Central police Division and later he received an instruction for the file to be sent to the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters, which he did.

Under cross examination by Lead Defense Counsel Roland Wright Esq., third witness confirmed that he first of all obtained statement from the person who made report of the matter and then proceeded to Connaught mortuary.

The witness further responded that the accused was not represented by any Lawyer during the course of obtaining statement from him.

He added that the search warrant was signed before they commenced the investigation.
He informed the court that he did not find any implement during the search.

At this stage, the learned Lawyer requested for the statement of the person who made the report and pictures to be produced in Court.

In his reply, State Prosecutor A. Jalloh said that the Defence Lawyer did not make references to any law in his application.

Magistrate Ngegba overruled the application made by the Defense Lawyer, noting that application would amount to hearsaying of the witness.

The accused was sent back to prison, while the matter comes up again on Tuesday 20th December, 2022 for further hearing.


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