APC Condemns Police Action in Disrupting Peaceful Jogging in Tombo 


The All People’s Congress Party (APC), Western Region, in a press statement dated 22nd May, 2023 has strongly condemns the excessive use of force by the police in Tombo Community on Sunday 21st May, 2023. The APC expresses deep concern and outrage over the disruption of a peaceful jogging exercise by the police, who resorted to firing tear gas and live rounds, endangering the lives and well-being of innocent citizens.

According to the press release, the attack on the people of Tombo was done by the Waterloo Police Division and was led by the operation Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Septimus. ASP Septimus has promised to always disturb the activities of the All People’s Congress and put their lives in Danger.

This incident took place during a peaceful jogging event organized by the residents of Tombo Community. The intent behind the event was to promote physical fitness, community engagement, and foster a sense of unity among the participants. Unfortunately, instead of providing a safe and conducive environment for the community to engage in healthy activities, the police intervention escalated the situation and caused unnecessary chaos and panic.

“We are aware of the Jogging organised by the Sierra Leone People’s Party and the security provided by the police during their jogging in Tombo. The APC firmly believes in the fundamental rights of citizens to gather peacefully and engage in activities that contribute to their physical and mental well-being. The use of tear gas and live rounds against peaceful citizens engaging in a harmless exercise is not only a violation of their rights but also a clear abuse of power by the police”, the press release stated.

The press release continued that the party is calling on the relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate this incident and hold those responsible for the excessive use of force accountable. It is essential that the rights of citizens are protected, and that law enforcement agencies operate within the boundaries of the law and respect human rights at all times.

The party also urges the police to reassess their approach to crowd control and emphasize the use of non-lethal methods in situations where public safety is not at risk. The safety and security of citizens should be the utmost priority, and it is crucial that law enforcement agencies adopt a more community-oriented approach that fosters trust, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence.

The APC extends its solidarity and support to the residents of Tombo Community who have been affected by this unfortunate incident. they stand with you in demanding justice, accountability, and a guarantee that such incidents will not be repeated in the future.

The part also call on all citizens to remain calm, peaceful, and steadfast in the pursuit of justice. We must work together to ensure that incidents of this nature are brought to light, addressed, and prevented from recurring.


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