Ag. UBA MD/CEO Made A Special Visit To UBA Adonkia Branch


In a heartwarming display of unity and dedication, the Acting MD/CEO of UBA Sierra Leone, Mohamed Alhajie Samoura, made a special visit to the UBA Adonkia Branch on Friday, May 19th. The early morning surprise brought immense joy to the staff, who was thrilled to welcome their esteemed leader to their workplace.

During the interactive session, the Acting MD/CEO engaged with the staff and shared his vision for the bank, emphasizing his commitment to driving the bank’s success. The strong bond between the staff and the MD was evident, as they eagerly listened to his insights and aspirations.

In a touching gesture, the staff presented the Acting MD/CEO with appreciation gifts, a heartfelt token of their gratitude for his visit. The gifts served as a tangible expression of the staff’s appreciation and admiration for MD’s presence at the branch.

Branch Manager Benjamin Emezue of UBA Adonkia Branch took the opportunity to reaffirm his team’s dedication to achieving business goals, upholding the bank’s esteemed brand standards, and delivering exceptional customer service. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by the branch’s staff were a testament to their shared vision and drive for excellence.

The session reached its peak as staff members captured precious memories by taking photographs with the MD. These images will serve as a lasting reminder of the special bond formed during this unforgettable visit, fostering a sense of unity and motivation among the UBA Adonkia Branch team.

The visit by the Acting MD/CEO to the UBA Adonkia Branch not only uplifted spirits but also solidified the foundation of a collaborative and inspiring work environment. His visit  exemplifies the unwavering commitment of UBA Sierra Leone to foster a positive atmosphere and propel the bank towards greater heights of success.


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