SLPP Young Generation Holds First Unity-Cocktail


The National Young Generation Council leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples party (SLPP) and the Unity Cocktail Facilitator Ambassador to China H.E Ernest Ndohmahina met with Regional YG, Districts YG, Constituencies YG, Former YG Aspirant, and Deputy YG Aspirant to reconciled the way forward to work as a formidable team to promote the Human capital development agenda of H.E President Bio.

The Newly elected Young Generation Leader Engineer Francis Alpha Kallon, the Unity Cocktail Facilitator H.E Ambassador Ernest Ndohmahina in their statement called for unity and total reconciliation to push the new Direction government Agenda to re-elect H.E President Bio to continue his development strides in the country.

 The Young Generation Council leadership with great concerns acknowledge the work of President Bio and the New Direction government, and called on all former National YG Aspirant to be part of the  Newly elected Young Generation Council of the SLPP, to support and promote the daily activities of the new council and the New Direction government.

The National Young Generation Council leader Ing Francis Alpha Kallon expressed his satisfaction with the  social media bloggers more especially the SLPP Global media team leadership for their tremendous support for the New Direction government to propagate, promote, disseminate all sustainable development projects of the Bio’ government.

First Lady Fatima Maada retreated that she has no internal conflict with Fatmata Sawaneh, and that Fatmata Sawaneh is her sister in the same party, and she has never and evert remember she had any confrontation with Madam Fatmata Sawaneh.

First lady Fatima Bio said she believes in Fatmata Sawaneh loyalty to the SLPP party and they should work as one family to Re-Elect H.E President Bio come 2023/2024.

In her statement Fatmata Sawaneh said the National Chairman of SLPP should bring onboard everyone that contested the just concluded national delegates conference, and call for a reconciliation to build up a solid campaign foundation to re-elect H.E President Maada Bio.

BIG SHAME; Autopsy Reveals:

SLPP Govt. Implicated in Death of 17-months-old Child

The autopsy result of a 17-months-old child who died in a police cell in northern Sierra Leone indicates that the child died of severe anemia and gross malnutrition. This happened because the current SLPP Government decided to look the other way, according to political pundits.

The remains of the child were laid to rest Saturday, January 8, in Makeni.

The deceased child’s case is however becoming a multi-dimensional issue on the Government of Sierra Leone, much to the interest of researchers and international partners: for dying in a police cell and for dying as a malnourished child, a source in Freetown said.

It is evident that several thousands of children die of malnutrition every year across Sierra Leone, for related reasons including skyrocketing cost of living, unemployment opportunities for parents and guardians, incessant graft in government institutions plus misuse of government facilities and services.

So far, two junior police officers on duty and two senior officers are said to have been suspended following the death of the child – Hannah Kanu – in the police cell at about 9pm at Panlap police division, December 23, in the outskirts of Makeni, at least one-hundred and fifty-five miles north of the capital Freetown.

The mother of the child – Kadiatu Koroma was locked up in the police cell with her daughter on allegations of stealing a handbag worth about seven-hundred and fifty thousand Leones – an equivalence of about $75. 

The Government of Sierra Leone is yet to make an official statement in relation the issue.


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