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By Foday Jalloh

People are expected to satisfy, when they reach the retirement age, because they have move from various angle in other to gain wealth for themselves without out reaching their peak, some used the political line as their last option to gain wealth still they might not satisfy or sill try more other option, some might think still the national power that was vested in them still continue, others might drop down try to settle their life genuinely using the legal way others might not, especially the likes of Dr Sheku Sesay who after his retirement age after his political life he is seriously engage in land grabbing. This medium was shown with document by the regional police operation Freetown west did carried out the eviction on the said land, with order from inspector general office I have no option, but lead fifty personnel on the ground to secure the bailiffs who were there for the eviction.    Further investigation carried out by this medium shows that the fourteen acre of land at Juba Caningo, by Yumkella road in the western part of Freetown is own by the Jessie Leigh Family, which Emmanuel Jessie Leigh is   the Sole Administrator of this Land.

This land has now on grabbing, one of the suspected land grabber is Dr Sheku Sesay, which according to his caretaker, Pa Gera Korma who who spoke to me in a brief interview say he has been a worker for Dr Sheku since 1982, working as cleaner at his resident 49 Spur loop, at this time he was a minister of energy and power under the then president momoh, from that time he happens to appoint me as the caretaker of his land at kaningo until 1999 I was able to put a structure on the land he happen to build a structure on the land, so that will be able to monitor the four town lot he told me owned on that community, So if you are talking about fourteen this is what I know. Lot that has now been increased by this suspected land grabber Dr where he is currently residing. I came to be a care take of Dr Sheku as I was working for him at his then resident at 41 Spur road, where I work for him as cleaner From my evidence gathered shows that the said portion of land is own by the Leigh family which Mr. Emmanuel is the true administrator of this fourteen acre of land.

 Dr Sheku Sesay suspected in land grabbing, this man according to document available to this medium, reliable sources shows that he is presently making more moves to grab more land from the Leigh Family.

 From investigation and document available to this medium shows that the land is own by the  Leigh, family since 1963, which this X politician Dr Sheku sesay is trying to force his way.

This suspected land grabber Dr Sesay has been invited to the legal aid board up to three times now, but to no avail, the legal aid board has consented to take the matter to court, for the court to give final ruling.


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