Dept. Youth Minister Sympathizes with Makeni Youths


The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon. Lusine Kallon has sympathized with deceased families and also made personal support during a period he described as “challenging” to permanently miss loved ones.

It could be recalled that in early July this year, some young people lost their lives during a confrontation with the Sierra Leone Police and personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) over the transfer of a transformer to Lungi International Airport.

Like President Julius Maada Bio, the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs said he values the life of every Sierra Leonean devoid of political belief, religion, regional background, and social status in society.

“I am here to sympathize but let me also condemn the unfortunate action of our youth who tried to resist a lawful decision by the Government and stakeholders of this city,” he said, adding that, “we should come together as Sierra Leoneans and resist all forms of violence that will undermine the peace and security of our country.

During his meeting with youth groups, Hon. Lusine Kallon urged them to be united as the Government has brought a lot of projects for youth empowerment and development. One of those projects that the Bombali District is benefiting is the Youth in Agriculture Project.

He also mentioned the Youth in Entrepreneurship, Car Wash, Commercial Transportation, and the Youth Service Scheme among a host of others. He called for unity for national development.


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