Kamabai Murder Case Begins


By Feima Sesay

Four accused persons  Ishmeal koroma, Issa Alhaji  Mansaray, Ernest Conteh, and Lamin Tarawalie yesterday made their second appearance before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie of court No.1 as they were alleged have conspired to murder Kadiatu Yalie Kargbo at Kamabie village.

The prosecution witness No1 Chernor  Sawaneh  Led in evidence by ASP Ibrahim Mansaray recognized the accused persons and also said that the decease was her aunty and he was staying with her.

He also recalled on  Sunday 8 March, 2020, adding that on that day at about 8 pm the first accused who is a bike rider went and collected the deceased to carry her to Kamakwie junction.

He said the first accused usually transported the deceased whenever she wants to purchase fish for sale.

He said after the first accused Ishmael Koroma has carried the deceased to purchased fish he did not see the deceased for two days and he went to the house of the first accused and reported the matter to his mother and the town Chief and the first accused told him that he left the deceased at Kamabia park.

The witness continues that he was advised by the chief to report the matter at the Kamabia police station which he did and they obtained a statement from him and the first accused was later arrested.

He said the first accused during investigation mentioned the second, third, and fourth accused persons that they were part of the killing.

He said he was later called by the police to identify a body along Mabebeh road and there he recognized his aunty by the cloth she was wearing that night and they took the body and bury it at the back of the deceased house.

Sawaneh continues that, later the matter was transfer to the Makeni police station and where he made an additional statement to the police.

The accused were arraigned on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to law.

The particular of the offense indicated that the accused on 8 March 2020 at Kamabie town conspired together with another person unknown to murder Kadiatu Yalie Kargbo. Whiles counts two added that all the accused on the same date and place murder the deceased Kadiatu Yealie Tarawally.

The first accused was not represented in court and so he was advised by the Magistrate to get a lawyer as this is a very serious matter.

The remaining three accused were represented by lawyer James Forna Sesay.

The accused were remanded and the matter adjourned to the 10 August 2020.


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