Head of Guinean Staff College Meets Immigration Officer


In a bid to strengthen border security between the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Head of the Guinean Staff College, Colonel Louis Remy Camara, paid a courtesy call on the Sierra Leone Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Hon. Alusine Kanneh congratulated him on his appointment as the country’s new CIO.

Speaking on the purpose of the courtesy call, the Head of the Guinean Staff College explained that the main objective of their visit was to enable them to have large knowledge about civilian and military institutions in Sierra Leone and to execute a schedule of a high-level staff college studies in Sierra Leone.

He said they have chosen Sierra Leone as the second country of their visit for a course. He intimated that Sierra Leone had always been on their side whenever they faced a crisis.

“Lately, when we faced a crisis following an explosion of our few people, Sierra Leone was the first neighboring country to send a team-rescue. It also makes a few fuel tanks available for us, and that really touched us,” he said.

In our military cooperation, he also continued that they were the first French-Speaking country to get a scholarship to study military training in Sierra Leone, and since then they have been sending military staff to Sierra Leone for training.

“For over the years, we have had good collaboration and cooperation with military staff from Sierra Leone in a UN Mission. So we have endless good collaboration from Sierra Leone. That’s why we want help from both sides, both the military and civilian institutions from Sierra Leone,” he stated.

From his side, the Chief Immigration Officer expressed his delight at the courtesy call made by the Guinean counterpart, adding that he was grateful to receive them in his office. He, however, noted that Sierra Leone and Guinea have a lot in common, and so, he said, therefore, whenever these two countries meet, they have so much to talk about.

He reiterated that Guinean and Sierra Leone are one people and that there are a lot of inter-marriages between the two sister countries, maintaining that they have a pure and applied Guinea that lives in Sierra Leone and there are also Sierra Leone living in Guinea permanently and they are living like brothers and sisters.

He emphasised that cooperation is very much important between the two countries, noting their institution is very much important and very key to security matters as far as Guinea and Sierra Leone borders are concerned.

“Like the borders. Especially the border between Guinea and Sierra Leone, the Gbalamuya, we have Guinean on the other side, and we have Sierra Leonean on the other side. They worked in collaboration, and we want this corporation to continue,” he said.

The Chief Immigration officer said stability that has to do with the two sister countries in terms of cooperation is very important, emphasizing that the mutual cooperation between Sierra Leone Army forces and Guinean Army Forces is very important and the military in Guinean have been assisting Sierra Leone even the days of the civil war, so therefore, he added Sierra Leone have been getting assistance from Guinea in terms of territorial integrity.

He concluded by sending his regards to the Guinean Chief Immigration Officer and stated that they would love to visit Conakry for further meetings to discuss border management issues between the two sister countries and assured him that he would be in close contact with the Chief Immigration Officer of the Republic of Guinea.


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