I Will Not Forsake You Nor Abandon You -Dr Samura Kamara


The 2018 Presidential candidate of the APC Dr. Samura Kamara has told the people of Bo and Punjehun that he will not forsake them, nor will he abandon them especially during this drowning period in our country’s history.

Dr Samura Kamara is conducting a national  covid 19 sensitization tour and at the same time assessing the impact of the pandemic on  Sierra Leonean lives as he continues to also provide humanitarian  assistance, including to the most vulnerable and affected comrades of the party in all Constituencies, districts and regions as a way  of reducing the hardship caused by bad governance and leadership without a human face n the country. These assistance also included  the donation of mathematical  ( geometry  sets) for school  children in  the districts.

In a wireless telecom, Dr Samura told the people that the assistance is no favor to the people but  feels obligated that at a stubborn period of economic stagnancy ,he owes it to his conscience that  the people needs such bail out now than ever before. He stressed that a  Stable economic development is the foundation of stability of society. Paopaganda sentiments, cheap popularity politics and the economics of self centredness will never solve the problems of Sierra Leoneans as dining tables remain empty for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He further emphasized the party’s firm resolve to  bold reforms, upholding national peace, unity and justice as the scars  of the eleven years war in this country are still fresh in our daily lives.The APC cherishes peace; we are committed to constructive dialogue and  inclusive participation for  peace and cohesion both within the party,  between  all political parties and the country as a whole . Tough times never last, but tough people do . He added.

He concluded by reminding the people that most people succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparations for their victory.

Dr Samura reminded the people of Bo and Pujehun that In 2018 we were not vigilant enough to protect our votes and democracy; we were complacent and rightly trusted that our electioneering institutions  would guide and uphold  our hard earned democratic principles  and  values.  But such will never happen again given the hard lessons  learnt.

We will protect our votes and our democratic  rights this time round,  and for your sake,  we will unite; for your sake we will work together and for your sake, we will match to state house  with the people’s ticket as our mandate to change the narrative once more.

“I urge you to wisely utilize this token humanitarian help and pray that it will positively  impact the lives of the beneficiaries.

I  believe that faith and values are the compasses by which we navigate through life” Dr Samura concluded. Party stakeholders , Regional , District and Constituency Executives , and both women and youth groups benefitted from the humanitarian assistance. So far this gesture as well as COVID-19  sensitisation has covered 2Kailahun, Kenema, Bo and Punjehun districts


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