As operations costs hike; Hard times face Mobile Companies !!


Given the increase in Management cost, this medium has been reliably informed that mobile companies operating in Sierra Leone will soon shut down its operations in the remote areas of the country.

According to reliable sources, this is part of the measures that will be used to scale down on management cost adding that the operational cost of management of mobile companies has increased thrice the initial cost including the mobile service providers which are currently struggling to provide the much needed services for its subscribers.

However, if nothing is done to salvage the situation in this regard, this unfortunate situation will have an adversely negative impact on the majority, if not all Sierra Leoneans.

These sources have it that this stiff measure has the proclivity or propensity to affect businesses, learning and other administrative functions particularly in the remote areas of the country.

“When the people in the remote areas are deprived of the much needed telecommunication facilities they so essentially desire, it will have a ripple effect on the Government of Sierra Leone,” one of our sources said, additionally noting that by urging the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM), the Ministry of Information and Communication and other related state bodies that are concerned are expected to intervene and thereby find a win-win situation for all parties that are concerned.

They furthered by stating that, most of people in the provinces so heavy rely on the services provided by the mobile service providers so as to conduct their transactions at their own comfort.

With the penetration of mobile companies in remote areas together with their mobile money services, have also made life much easier in the provinces. This huge steps taken by mobile companies is a laudable and conscious attempt in the right direction.

Therefore, should it be shut down at this moment, will inimically affect the livelihood and activities of people residing in the remote areas of the country.

According to the findings of this medium, it is no fun that the astronomical rise of the dollar as against the Leones has adversely hit hard telecommunication sector of the country.

As the dollar continues to hit the roof top and couple with the global economic downturn, the telecommunication sector will not thrive well if they are left unattended.

It is saddened to note that, if nothing is done by the appropriate authorities to cushion the challenges that mobile service operators are facing in the country, it will significantly affect investment and employment.

It is no joke that the Government of Sierra Leone needs to speedily address the issue in the collective interest of the nation and therefore save the telecommunication sectors from collapsing.


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