Orangs SL Sets the record straight


The General Management of Orange SL Ltd wishes to inform the general public that the article circulated on various social media platforms with Caption “Rogue Orange (SL) in big financial Crisis with Government” is misleading.

The allegations that Orange Sierra Leone is indebted to the Government in the sum of Le80 billon inclusive of Le14.0 Bllion Leones owed on custom duty taxes and further accusations that this is not the first time Orange Sierra Leone has been on shady tax deals on Government tax payments , are totally unfounded.

Orange Sierra Leone wishes to categorically deny this misleading information, which aims to tarnish its reputation and as such a damaging article contrast with the values of transparency and responsible corporate citizenship to which the Orange group is particularly attached

Orange Sierra Leone is a compliant company that has always demonstrated transparency

in is corporate commitments to the Government and all other regulatory authorities. In 2022, the total tax paid by Orange Sierra Leone and its Subsidiaries amounted to Le 285m and have never defaulted on any of our tax obligations to the Government. We remain one of the largest taxpayers in the country, contributing significantly to the economic development of Sierra Leone.

The letter dated 31st January 2023 addressed to Orange Sierra Leone from the Ministry of Finance is in relation to a request for a monthly payment plan to settle our annual regulatory fees for the year 2023.

Over the years, settlement of Annual Regulatory fees via a payment plan has been the common practice between the regulators and all mobile network operators in Sierra Leone.

Orange Sierra Leone wishes to reassure the public and its valued customers that it remains an internationally reputable company that operates with the highest ethical standards and that such malicious information is considered as defamatory.

We remain committed towards providing our valued Customers with superior network quality through an enhanced world class system for an unmatched experience.


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