Cancer needs to be treated with all seriousness. Says M. Sannoh cancer society Sec. Gen


By Alfred Peter Conteh

The Secretary General for the Sierra Leone Cancer Society Mohamed Sannoh has told newsmen during the cancer week celebration in Freetown that, cancer is on the rampage and it is killing people slowly and it should be treated with all seriousness.

Mr. Sannoh pointed out that smoking and drinking excessive alcohol are some of the key causes of cancer.

According to him, people who are very easy to get cancer are those drinking alcohol excessively, as well as those that are working in factories that may have been exposed to carcinogens, such as asbestos and other industrial toxins or fumes.

He advised that people need to be mindful of the things they do in the environment they work or live in and the things they eat. This according to him are the things we eat more, especially tin foods are the major causes of cancer because most of the time, shopkeepers backdated those tin foods without the knowledge of the public.

He added that when you consume it, you will contract diseases and those diseases will develop into cancerous cells. At the end of the day, and also those that are smoking excessively are also likely to contract brain cancer, which is more dangerous and expensive to cure.

“We do not have the expertise or the machines to treat them here in Sierra Leone unless you go out of the country” he said.

Mr. Sannoh maintained that the Sierra Leone cancer Society and other concerned organizations are working together as a team to see that a proper sensitization is done and create awareness that cancer is real. And they need to treat it with all seriousness.


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