By Foday Jalloh

The United Nations development programme, in Sierra Leone acceleration lab being inspired, by their work, they as UNDP is lining up with the debate council at Fourah Bay college to reinforce and give them more confidence as health care works in the fight against the COVID -19.   

 The project seeks to recognize and support frontline health care workers in the fight against COVID-19. The drive will focus on providing basic protective medical equipment and providing lunch and dinner for the frontline health care workers. 

Over the last few months, we have seen the remarkable roles our frontline healthcare workers have been playing in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. These doctors, nurses and many other health professionals committed themselves to ensure that they save our nation despite the risks involved. We believe that they are our heroes/heroines and they deserve every bit of gratitude we can offer them.

More so, we appreciate the proactive strides of the Government of Sierra Leone in providing support to frontline healthcare professionals in general. However, we had an engagement with the President of the Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association, Dr. Delwin M.Findlay on the 22nd June 2020 at his office, wherein they registered our desire in helping the healthcare workers in the fight against this pandemic COVID-19.

Some of the Constrains of health workers notice during the meeting, to eat decent food during working hours at  COVID-19 centers, Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health workers, Even Some healthcare workers do buy medicine with their money because there is not enough medicine in some healthcare facilities.

Despite some of the agreement made by the government is yet to be fulfilled, especially  

The recent doctor lost to COVID-19 didn’t receive his risk allowance salary, and not even family members have received anything.

Given the above, as we deeply concerned, as well-meaning citizens and we call on the authorities to look into those concerns to provide a speedy remedy for the good of the COVID-19 response system.

As we follow the contributions of the public in the fight against COVID-19, we are inspired by the many individuals and organizations that have stood firm in ensuring that healthcare workers breathe in a conducive working environment.

One of such persons is Vickie Romeo’s C19 Dignity Project that gears towards providing hospital and personal equipment for healthcare workers cut across the country.

This project was launched by the Young Muslim Women Initiative and in partnership with other national and International Organizations, which is  

Focus on providing basic protective medical gears and decent and healthy food for healthcare workers whilst on duty.  

 They are calling on the nation and global community to support the public health officials; they condemn intimidation, threats of violence, and provide the needed resources to help mitigate the various challenges affecting the response system to COVID-19. 

They crave the indulgence of the public and private sector to work in partnership with the government response infrastructure and frontline healthcare professionals in Sierra Leone.


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