PUBLIC REVIEW SPORTWAFA on-going Arbitration Process Gains Momentum

Today, I witnessed the on-going arbitration process of young players at the stadium hostel in the office space of  the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) 

Something struck my mind while the process was on-going: I sense extreme determination and love for football from these young players. They were crammed in the administrative space of #WAFA. The young lads showed patience and endurance despite the void  was not enough and the place was hot.

Sitting inside the office I see young players who are determined to be the next Mohamed Kallon, Alphajor, Ibrahim Obreh Kargbo, and Kei Kamara.

The talents are there, all these young lads need is the environment to show their talent and skills.

Squatting in the same room with these lads I vision the next stars of Africa and world football.

The tournament I was brief that;  is for 15 and below- key  components to partake in the tournament you must be a school-going, pupil.

I noticed from their interview that many players are struggling to express themselves which is very common among our players. Some players might be speaking the truth, but lack of confidence will let them panicked and derail from the fact.

More education is needed for our young players. The Western Area Football Association (WAFA) is in the right part. I hope the government and cooperate houses provide the needed sponsorship.

The #WAFA under-15 competition will commence on July 24, 2021, in Freetown, capital City,  of Sierra Leone.


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