Kamarainba dying…


The Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party Mohamed Kamarainba is currently in a critical condition at the 34 Military Hospital in Wilberforce Village, Freetown.

Haja Mansaray, a younger sister of Mr. Kamarainba had confirmed to the Public Review Newspaper that they have not been given access to visit Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba since he being transferred from Pademba Road Prisons to the Military Hospital.

Haja Mansaray also noted that even when Kamarainba was at the Correctional Centre, it was very difficult to see him because there were lots of constraints and bog down procedures to be followed which would take up to two days.

She expressed the fact that, “we have tried very hard to see Mr. Kamarainba, but the security officials said they would only allow us if they have ‘orders from the above’ ”.

Hospital management later told us ‘that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray was taken for medical treatment today to the Ecomed Medical Unit, where he was reported to have suffered an attack.’

She has pleaded with the government of Sierra Leone to free Kamarainba for him to seek appropriate medical attention instead of allowing him to dye a ‘political prisoner’ in prison.

You’ll recall that the ADP Chairman and Leader was arrested and detained on allegations of sexual penetration of a child in February 2020 and since then, he has been imprisoned for over two years now despite having not been found guilty of the crime. Six months ago, Tuesday, 7 September 2021, Kamarainba was granted a bail with a condition of Le100m plus two sureties. However, the bail is still being processed six months later today.



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As Price Waterhouse Cooper (PZC) – an international financial analyst consulting firm – presents report on the financial and investment analysis of the Trust’s investments over the years, the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Director General, Mohamed Fuuad Daboh has disclosed that His Excellency President Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio has successfully delivered on his 2018 manifesto promise on NASSIT investment viability.

The NASSIT Director General made the disclosure yesterday, at the Scheme’s Head Office on Walpole Street in Central Freetown, in the presentation of a report to the Trust and the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, Lansana Dumbuya, for onwards presentation to the President.

“Prior to His Excellency’s campaign to be elected President of Sierra Leone, he promised this nation that upon his election, he would ensure the general membership of this Trust (NASSIT’s contributors and pensioners) would be kept abreast of what has happened with their investments by setting up a team that would look into the viability of the Trust,” the Director General disclosed.

“In the State Opening of Parliament on May 23 2019, President Bio re-echoed that NASSIT would review its portfolio of investments to determine what to be discontinued and those that should be maintained and under which condition.” With that expressed statement of President Bio, Mr. Daboh said NASSIT’s Board of Trustees and Management through competitive bidding hired the service of PWC firm for the valuation of the Trust’s investments and related policies. He said the contract was signed in January, 2021 and on December 17, 2021; PWC presented a draft form of the report with an extract of the Executive Summary.

According to Mr. Daboh, “It is a clear fulfillment of His Excellency’s manifesto to this country; that I told you I would do this and I have done it. As the President always promised us and when he says things, he would do it.” He said many Sierra Leoneans are looking forward to seeing the report as contributors and pensioners of the Scheme, noting that they will determine from the report what the Trust will continue to do and how they will do it.

Mr. Daboh, however, took great exception to claims that the Trust’s investments in various sectors were not correct.

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security, Lansana Dumbuya conceded that the Trust has encountered many challenges in the discharge of its responsibilities over the years, citing the NASSIT ‘Ferry Saga’ that impacted negatively on the Trust’s fund albeit the culprits refunded Le2 billion to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). He said it is mandated by the NASSIT Act that the Trust will invest surplus funds in line with sound investment principles considering its liquidity, whilst he assured that the report would be presented to the President together with the Board of Trustees and Management.

According to the contracted consulting firm, PWC, the objective of the report would be found useful to see how best they would move forward with NASSIT to make it a sustainable fund that would benefit Sierra Leone and the citizenry.

Ernest Koroma decries of coups & deterioration of peace & democracy in West Africa

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Former President, Ernest Bai Koroma has urged West African leaders, policy makers, civil society and diplomats to step up their acts in stemming the re-emergence of coups and the eroding of democratic good governance in the sub-region. President Koroma was speaking earlier this morning at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria where  the West African Elders Forum (WAEF)

was meeting to explore effective responses to emerging socio-political trends in West Africa.

With three out of five successful coups West Africa during the last two years, Sierra Leone’s believes that it was high time leaders assessed the challenges as well as the fundamental governance or institutional factors responsible for the emergence of another wave of instability in the sub-region.  

 “We need to take action before things get out of hands” he maintained, even as he acknowledged the important role  entities like ECOWAS and the African Union have been playing to stem the tide of anti-democratic activities on the sub region.             

Earlier, the Executive Secretary of the Goodluck Egbele Jonathan (GEJ) Foundation, Ann Iyonu said the main objective of the meeting was to look at the security situation in West Africa which has been precipitated  by the economic effects of the COVID – 19 pandemic and the attempts of some leaders to hold on to power – a situation that has invariably fueled military coups in West Arica.

In his opening statement, former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan informed the audience that WAEF was established by ‘like – minded’ African statesmen and women who have enviable track records on peace building, democracy and mediation.  President Jonathan emphasized the fact that sub- regional bodies like ECOWAS would have to be complemented by leaders who have the experience and foresight to “drill down on certain burning issues. 

In apparent reference to their exemplary mediation efforts within the ECOWAS sub region, former prime minister of Burkinafaso and former President of the ECOWAS Commission, Kadré Désiré Ouédraogo, commended former President Ernest Bai Koroma and former President Goodluck Jonathan for “the great work” they have done in supporting peace and democracy in the continent. Ouédraogo avers; “ECOWAS should be more visible to fight against crises and improve the credibility of ECOWAS. Coming in after a coup with sanctions and demands for reinstatement of deposed leaders doesn’t help ECOWA’s status in the eyes of the citizens”   

Representing the President of the ECOWAS Commission, ECOWAS’ Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Gen. Francis Behanzi (Rtd) also expressed deep concern on the emergence of military rule in West Africa and said steps are being taken by ECOWAS to review its mechanisms including its early warning system. He said the military has no business in politics and governance other than maintaining peace and security. 

Representatives from the Untied Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWAS), the European Union (EU) and the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) also spoke at the event and shared similar sentiments.

Angimex Signs Billion-Dollar Rice Export Contract with the Republic of Sierra Leone

 President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio paid a visit to the rice factory of An Giang Import – Export Joint Stock Company (Angimex)

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding with Sierra Leone is the premise for An Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Angimex) to firmly maintain its leading position in ensuring transcontinental food security.

–An Giang Import – Export Joint Stock Company LONG XUYEN, Vietnam, March 18, 2022, a member of Louis Holdings Group – the leading enterprise in the field of agricultural food production & trading business in Vietnam was honored to welcome the President and the high-level delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone to visit the rice factory in Long Xuyen City, An Giang province. Here, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on a 3-year rice export contract to the West African country was also solemnly held under the witness of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio. This visit with the largest purchase so far in 2022 will be the premise for Angimex to firmly maintain its leading position in ensuring transcontinental food security.

Angimex welcomed the President and the high-level delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone to visit the rice factory in Long Xuyen City

Angimex welcomed the President and the high-level delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone to visit the rice factory in Long Xuyen City Angimex signs billion-dollar rice export contract with the Republic of Sierra Leone

Angimex signs billion-dollar rice export contract with the Republic of Sierra Leone Angimex welcomed the President and the high-level delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone to visit the rice factory in Long Xuyen City.

The MOU signing ceremony has the honorary attendance of Mr. Do Thanh Nhan – Chairman & other senior representatives of Angimex and President Julius Maada Bio & the high-level delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone. According to the content of the MOU between the two parties, Angimex will export 3 million tons of rice to Sierra Leone under a three-year rice export contract. This kind of international rice export contract exerts a substantial influence, helping Angimex access new markets and customer groups in the future.

The continuous application of new agricultural technology in farming enables Vietnam’s leading rice enterprise to ensure rice grain quality and meet strict standards of big countries. With the “endorsement” of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Angimex has high expectations for this 3-year contract as the foundation for upcoming larger purchases from West Africa since Angimex has already proved its scale and potential with neighboring countries of the Republic of Sierra Leone. This boasts a comprehensive cooperation not only between Angimex and the presidential delegation of the Republic of Sierra Leone, but also between Vietnam and Sierra Leone.

Mr. Do Thanh Nhan, Chairman of An Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company shared: “Thanks to the strict quality control system, Angimex has been and will be able to provide the highest quality rice products to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market. The enterprise’s professional services will surely satisfy the diverse needs of customers. With the goodwill for the sake of mutual development, Angimex strongly believes in the good and long-term success in the cooperation between Angimex and our partners in the upcoming time. We look forward to accompanying our partners to create the best and sustainable values”.

Within the scope of cooperation, Angimex will transfer the sample rice field to the enterprises of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The sample rice field is Angimex’s first successful factor to ensure high-quality rice input. The expansion of the large sample rice field is one of the solutions to increase the value of rice for export, according to the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

When farming on the large sample rice field, farmers will simultaneously sow each high-yield and high-quality rice variety in the same field. Therefore, this combination of high-quality rice production and rice field expansion brings practical benefits to farmers, including changing production mindset and improving economic efficiency. Aiming at improving the quality of rice seeds in the future, the agricultural services of Angimex give an emphasis on providing farmers with in-depth knowledge and cost-saving methods during varietal selection, cultivation, and harvest. Also, Angimex’s experts with rich experience in the field of agriculture will train farmers to master cultivation techniques and answer the farmers’ questions during the farming process.

Regarding the business plan in 2022, Angimex sets a targeted revenue of over VND 8,004 billion; pre-tax profit of VND 70 billion – a more than double and 22 percent increase respectively against the previous year. In the long-term development strategy, Angimex aims to become the biggest rice exporter and also the market leader in the domestic rice market. With the orientation of “restoring the status of An Giang rice king”, Louis Holdings has been putting all its efforts into Angimex in the present and expecting to reap the results in the future.


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