Health Directorate Sets to Revitalize Connaught Hospital


Director, Directorate of Hospitals Inspection, Madam Princess Betty Bio

The newly appointed Director in the Directorate of Hospitals Inspection, Princess Betty Bio have vividly explained the fortitude of the new management to transform Connaught Hospital to a place where people could be proud to visit for better medical service delivery.

Speaking to health reporters in Freetown last week, Madam Betty Bio frankly stated that after her appointment, she instituted a robust monitoring exercise, noting that during the exercise, they were able to discover that lot of basic tools needed by medical personnel to do their work without hindrance were not available in the facility.

Director Bio maintained that as a robust measure to address what she described as a humanitarian issue, she and the Minister of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), Dr. Demby visited the Central Medical Store at New England Ville wherein they discovered that most of the materials or tools nurses urgently in need of were available.

In a happy mood, Madam Bio expressed happiness to be able to deliver the items transported from the Central Medical Store and assured that the medical utensils would be used judiciously for it intended purpose.

She deliberated that the new monitoring mechanism they have put in place would help change or transform situation. She frowned at the alleged issue of selling drugs authoritatively at the Cost Recovery Unit and emphasized on the Health Minister’s position to deal with any defaulter that might be caught smuggling drugs.

“My appointment is to monitor all 26 Government Hospitals across the country”, Madam Bio disclosed and mentioned that after Connaught Hospital they would move to the Princess Christian Maternity where they would also conduct the same assessment to know the basic needs of the hospital.

“We are going to institute disciplinary action to punish law breakers and new policies for health workers to know their roles and responsibilities”, she told reporters and deliberated on the new plan of action to conduct an on the spot check at night to Government health centers.

As a nurse by profession, Madam Bio further spoke on her passion to support health workers for them to deliver best service to patients.

She concluded that with the new management, Connaught Hospital would rise and great again and promised to decentralize development across the country.

Nurse Bio pointed out that the items donated to boost the new management of Connaught Hospital comprised oxygen concentrate, trolleys, beds, bed seats, sanitizers, liquid soap, hand gloves, devices to check pressure and temperature, drip stands, stretchers, wheel chairs and among other essential surgical equipment.


Commissioners and Staff of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone (HRCSL) yesterday engaged pupils in selected schools across the country to educate them on their rights and responsibilities; why commemorating the Day of the African Child – June 16; the level of implementation of laws related to the welfare of the child as well as the functions of the Commission.

 A total of eight (8) secondary and primary schools were visited in Freetown with three each in the Western Rural, North, North-West, East and Southern provinces respectively.

These engagements were meant to promote respect for human rights through the commission’s public awareness and education programmes and to promote responsibility of every child in the maintenance of rights.

During one of the engagements at the Tabernacle Primary School, pupils were informed that the day is being commemorated across the continent to raise awareness among governments and relevant stakeholders on the need to give their children quality education. At another school, the pupils were told to raise the flag on harassment, sexual abuse, early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation in their communities and schools.

At the United Muslim Association Secondary School (UMASS), the pupils were informed about the establishment of the Commission which was through an act of Parliament in 2004 and was a recommendation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

 At St. Helena School Secondary School like all the other schools, the pupils were informed on the historical background on the Day of the African Child and how it has affected the lives of children all over Africa and Sierra Leone in particular. 

This year’s celebration was on the theme “30 Years after the adoption of the Charter: Accelerate Implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for Children”. Commissioners and Staff at the various schools spoke on the aspirations of the Agenda 2040 and spoke further on the localized theme “14 years pekin law how e tan lek”. This led to discussion on the actions taken by the Government of Sierra Leone in the enactment and enforcement of laws  that protect the rights of the child which includes, The Child Right Act, Education Act, Sexual Offences (amendment) Act, Persons with Disability Act and the Hands of our Girls Campaign.


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