FCC issues Flood risk warning

Flooding in 2017

The Freetown City Council (FCC) has called on residents in Freetown municipality to be alert of heavy rains in the coming. There has been a prediction that there will be heavy rain in the next three days. The council has called on especially residents living in lowlands and flood plains along the coast to be watchful in their homes and communities.

The communication unit at FCC has said that with support from several partners and the central government, they will continue to collaborate with RSLAF to implement the 2020 Flood Mitigation exercise as they have done in some communities across the city in the last month. The Unit revealed that in their intervention to clear blocked culverts, drainages, and silted gutters and waterways has helped reduce the possibility of flooding in vulnerable communities.

The council urged residents to call ONS on 076612775 to report any disaster.


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