CRIG Celebrates Lunar New Year & recognize excellent work to employees


By Mustapha Ezekiel Dumbuya

The Chinese Railway International Group-CRIG has on Friday 20th January, 2023 has celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year and commended employees of the company for their good and excellent work throughout the year.

Aruna O. Kanu the Personnel Manager of CRIG explained to the gathering that the Company is not only focusing  on road construction but they also honoring and  adhering to  its cooperate social responsibility to the two communities and it employees as well.

He Added that CRIG has both local and international staff working together in ensuring quality and good service delivery, ensure all workers to be well paid, keep good relationship between local and foreign staff and support all Staff with adequate security as well as working within the labour laws of Sierra Leone.

“The company has been responding to natural disasters such as flooding within the Tree planting and the Leicester Road community just to keep the mutual relationship between the company and the two communities” the Personnel manager said.

The Manager advised Staff to always focus on their work, adhere to instructions from their bosses and to be punctual to work

Mr Kanu thanked the Management of the China Railway International Group (CRIG) and staff for all the challenges faced and the success achieved over the year.

Engineer Ramata Kamara from the Sierra Leone Road Authority -SLRA said   road construction is very difficult but hoping that the China Railway International Group (CRIG) will work immensely to making sure that all feeder roads awarded to them for construction be completed.

Engineer Kamara admonished the two community stakeholders including the Councilor to always give their fullest support to the company as sometimes the company also faced challenges while construction is in progress.

 Momoh Kamara a staff who received a certificate of recognition for his dedication and hard work to the company expressed happiness for the CRIG to  recognized his hard work  

Mr Kamara, continue that he was unfortunate to secure certificate of recognition from the company in the previous year because he did not meet the threshold and that is why he worked tirelessly by making sure that he meets the threshold.

“This year I have been awarded a certificate of excellence by the China Railway International Group (CRIG) for my good work over the year and I thank them very much for that” the Staff explained.

He also advised his colleagues staff to work very hard this year so that they can be recognized next year as well.


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