As the Mayoral Race for Port Loko City Intensifies… Ex-Councillor Unisa T. Fofanah Shows his Community Development Pointers


Former Councillor and Ambassador Unisa Totti Fofanah is among the personalities vying for the APC Mayoral Symbol of Port Loko City for the June 24th 2023 elections. The young man has been identified as a beacon of hope to transform Port Loko City during his stewardship as Ward Councilor from 2018-2023. Based on his extraordinary leadership performance, the people of Port Loko City in high spirit has encouraged him to contest for the symbol for that he has been tested and now he has been trusted. He is widely described as a national youth icon, a community development expert, a social development innovator, a humanitarian activist, a gender transformative champion and also an Executive Director for a youth-led organization that seeks to contribute meaningfully to humanity and societal development. His Project writing skills, Advocacy, Coordination and Lobbying cannot be compared to any other contender. Therefore, he has deemed it significant to share his community development contributions and achievements with the media, the party executive at all levels and the general public on series of social events and engagements.

✓ The Establishment and sustainability of Bai Bureh Heritage foundation- a youth led organization that seeks to contribute meaningfully to humanity and societal development in port loko district.

✓ Providing mentorship and capacity building to over 1,000 young people through the annual youth summit, seminars, public engagement and the post-secondary internship program.

✓ Contributed to social development activities through financial and technical support.

✓ Providing University scholarships to 10 young people in various Universities through resource mobilization from like-minded individuals and institutions.

✓ Successfully advocated and coordinated the screening and distribution of free high blood pressure and diabetes drugs to over 100 aged people in port Loko city.

✓ Advocated and facilitated the successfully Medical operation of 10 residents suffering from hydrocele and ania.

✓ Boosting the socio economic activities through the annual lantern parade and cultural explosion.

✓ Lobbied for the free distribution of assorted eyes medication to over 100 people in kabatha section and romaka section.

✓ Supported the city volleyball team (Bai Bureh spikers) with new set of jerseys in 2019 and 2022.

✓ Supported the maforki female football team in maforki town with training jerseys.

✓ Participated in the Diaspora resource mobilization for Bai Bureh warriors football club.

✓ Participated in the fight against Covid-19 through the provision of rice to less privilege people during lock down, provision of soap, Veronica buckets and over 2,000 face masks.

✓ Initiated the Ramadan charity donation (rice) to over 150 less privilege families especially the aged, the visually impaired and physically challenged since 2019

✓ Provided Sitting accommodation for 220 School Children Magharramah Primary School lower maforki.

✓ Initiated and facilitated the construction of the kamaranka and Robat hand pump well.

✓ Provided Groundnuts seedlings support to rural farmers on Zero percentage.

✓ Provided 75 Bicycle to school pupils walking from   3-5 Miles since 2018 to access Education.

✓ Provided cement support to elders Ataya base, Mixing chamber, NP Okada base, kambia road Okada base and hill top base during the construction of the various centers.

✓ Donated rechargeable solar lights to some mosques in kabatha section during 2022 Ramadan.

✓ Annual donation of solar lights to both BECE and WASSCE study centers within Port LOKO City.

✓ Provided shelter (clothing’s) to children in the rural communities of gbare morie section.

✓ Provided support to the schlenkar secondary School and Catholic secondary School will gallons of paints.

✓ Promoted 11 Port Loko musicians through a music fiesta that creates way for the bulk payment of our local musicians.

✓ Promoting education through inter-schools Debates and quiz competition among schools in port Loko City.

✓ Initiated the platform for citizens recognition through the annual Bai Bureh service Delivery awards.

✓ Construction of standard toilet facility for the people of gbare morie village.

✓ Construction of the kabatha kurr community water well to be completed by June.

✓ Provided support to some local business women to upkeep their petty trading activities

✅ Created a mini home for less previledge children

✅ Rehabilitated the New Kabatha Mosque.

✅ Construction of Kabatha Kurr Village water well in progress.

✅ Supported the United Council of Imams with the 10 Bags of Cement on the construction of their regional office.


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