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There is now no gainsaying that the All Peoples Congress is under threat of disintegration with multiple fractures from many ills besetting the party, many of which are avoidable or amenable but the persistent damage that continues to prevail has led some political analysts to recognize that such a deteriorating pattern seem to be playing into the objectives of a person or group of persons who would stand to benefit from the disembowelling of the party. Hence the question, who is responsible for splitting up the APC?

The APC is not all together
The first and most debilitating manifestation of the split is the atmosphere that has been created wherein the Flag Bearer is being distanced from the “party structure.” It is becoming clear that many in the party are confused about the fate of the Flag Bearer because of the conflicting information that is bandied about in respect of the outcome of the matter that he is engaged i as a defendant at court. Without prejudice to the proceedings, this writer is not convinced that this matter would be resolved before the elections , eve if the Judge may want to hold sittings on polling day, for the simple reason that there is not enough time to dispense with this case before that time. This is a simple mathematical fact. There are not only just not enough days to bring this case over the wire, but also there are no compelling reasons for the Judge to constrain the defence from putting up a robust defence of their clients, which means that the witnesses for the defence would have to be called up in order, their evidences laid out in court and admitted under due process, testimonies taken down and cross examined to the fullest extent as the law requires.

Samura’s case cannot stop him from winning
The case in essence cannot be subjected to a maxim of “time is of the essence” in order to conclude it before 24th June 2003. This mathematical fact alone should give some respite to the APC, in order to allow it to focus on aligning its campaign position with that of the Flag bearer. In the event, the perennial excuse that the APC Flag bearer is involved in a court case is not a necessary ad sufficient reason to derail the Party or the Flag bearer’s campaign strategy from being formulated and confirmed. However, the events on the ground is exemplified by a party structure that is proceeding with full speed ahead to position itself for the coming elections, machinating an internal elections dynamic for the proportional representation system lists even without a marked involvement of the aspirations of the Flag bearer’s input or message, and to the extent that may have accused the Party of sabotaging the prospect of the Flag bearer by some of the choices that were arrived at and how those choices were foisted on local constituencies and wards, leaving many disappointed and disgruntled. So as the party seem to be going on its own merry way, the Flag bearer is still yet to be given the chance to focus on his own message. In the end, some of our people would be pleased to accept a loss of the Presidency but gain seats in Parliament and local council, just enough to keep the Secretariat functioning ad those who have arranged a sell-out to claim that they have done what was required to seal their bargain for a second term to Maada Bio.

Who benefits from Samura’s loss
It is interesting that those who would benefit from a Samura Kamara loss at the polls would be the very same people who would claim that they did much to secure for him a win if he does win. How ironic? From a closer look, the much touted Team A is rapidly becoming the most dangerous manifestation of political skulduggery in the APC. Not there is anything wrong with a group of party members coming together to create a winning platform, but when the Flag bearer is seen to be carried away from his own perception of what the Party he leads should be taking then we begin to get into very dangerous waters indeed. What has happened in the APC is now more akin to what political students can identify as “capture.” The APC loses its ability to be led by a vision or ideology but by the aspirations of a crowd led by a singular motive. In the present circumstances, the motive seem to revolve around the predilection of keeping the party’s former Chairman and Leader visible and relevant to current proceedings even at the expense of reducing the influence and stature of the elected Flag bearer and party leader. In this imbroglio, the newly elected Chairman also loses relevance and has o contend with being seen as a lapdog to his predecessor. From a critical angle, the emergence of the Party’s former Chairman to political prominence makes no sense of the collective efforts of all those involved i rebuilding the party and getting it ready for winning the next elections. What confuses many is the efforts being made by some in the APC to catapult Ernest Koroma to such political prominence within the local landscape, highlighting any minor out-dooring of his, and making news of his comments on political issues. Let’s call a spade a spade, Ernest Bai Koroma should not have this much relevance to APC politics at this time when we are so close to an election that would make or break the entire APC. The fact that he seems to be benefitting from the disintegration of the APC is very worrying. Somebody should tell him to stand back and no true APCian should be sharing news of his existence on social media. Ernest Koroma is not up for election, so let us give ourselves the time and space to focus on who is and support the best man to beat Maada Bio come June 24th, 2023!

Rebuilding this APC to win
Despite the challenges ahead, there are signs that the APC will win the elections in 2023. A political analyst recounts that “this coming elections is one that the APC is yet to lose and not one that the SLPP can win.” He opines that there is a sense of complacency and self opinionated assurance from the SLPP akin to what happened in 2017. He opines that the APC Flag bearer has worked hard to position the Party by sheer hard work, diligence and a body language that resonates very well with the ordinary man out there. “The SLPP has done very badly on the economy hence the current strangulation puts the chances of an APC win on a silver platter but what would reduce these chances are the internal bickering and the lack of coordination between the Party and the flag bearer to put together a winning strategy and overall, to launch a winning campaign.”

A seasoned Political watcher indicated that “this is a time that the Running mate should stretch himself thin to cover the gap left by a beleaguered Flag bearer who is being distracted by a convoluted court case.” In effect, those who have been watching events unfold are expecting that Chernoh Maju Bah should be out there trumpeting the winning abilities of the Flag bearer while at the same time, coordinating the space to engender a smoother relationship between the Flag and the Party to get them working together in harmony. That this is not happening has left many to contemplate a more hideous and sinister plan to outwit the entire leadership structure. What is now imminent is the need to rebuild the Party ad getting it ready for government. The Flag bearer is known to have initiated a series of engagements that would bring back the Kono votes. The gaps that have been opened up in other shaky areas such as Port Loko and Kambia are also being addressed. The Party should explore how best to reduce the influence of those who keep reigniting the divisive influences that still pervade the wider political space.


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