The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) Condemns the Drastic Toll Gate Price Increases and Urges the Sierra Leone Government to Reconsider this Additional Burden on its Citizens


The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) is deeply concerned about the drastic increases in toll gate prices of the Wellington-Masiaka highway announced by the Ministry of Works and Public Assets.

This sudden price hike of above 100 percent is alarming and has sparked widespread distress among Sierra Leoneans nationwide.

This decision comes at a time of severe economic hardship for the people of Sierra Leone, adding pressure on the already significant transportation challenges citizens face.

The NGC is particularly troubled by the potential impact of this substantial toll increase on the cost of living, transportation expenses, and the overall economic well-being of our fellow Sierra Leoneans.

The toll hike will undoubtedly burden our citizens with additional financial strain, affecting their ability to afford essential needs such as food, education, medical, housing, clothing, and more.

Moreover, in recent months, we’ve seen increases in fuel costs, city transportation fares, and commercial vehicle charges, which have already placed a heavy financial burden on the people of Sierra Leone. The cumulative effect of these increases is alarming and will undoubtedly further entrench economic hardship on the whole population.

The NGC calls on the Government to reconsider its stance in these drastic toll gate price increases as the Wellington-Masiaka highway is a vital route for many citizens who use it on a daily basis.

We urge the government to prioritise the welfare of its citizens and avoid policies that contribute to the worsening economic challenges faced by the people. Instead, we encourage the government to engage in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and consider alternative solutions that are mindful of the financial realities and hardships faced by Sierra Leoneans.

The NGC remains committed to advocating for the best interests of the Sierra Leonean people and will continue to hold the government accountable for policies that adversely affect the well-being of the citizens.


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