Still in Police Net… Kamarainba Explains His Ordeal

Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansary

By Ishmael Bangura, Arthur Caulker and Foday Jalloh

The Leader of the Alliance Democratic party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, is still in Police custody for an allegation of sexual penetration, brought against him by a 15-year-old girl in Kono, Eastern Sierra Leone.

According to a Police spokesman, a few weeks ago they received report accusing Mr. Kamarainba Mansaray of Sexual Penetration at the Tankoro Police station in Kono, pointing to what he referred to as very strong accusations against Mr. Mansaray.

They then tried to invite Mr. Mansaray, but he was not readily available, so they issued a warrant of arrest. This led to the raid on Mr. Kamarainba’s compound, which he later confirmed on 98.1. “My house was put under siege by the police all of Sunday night” Mr. Kamarainba Said.

According to him, he did not receive any form of invitation by the Police or offered a warrant of arrest, adding that he was only able to sneak out of his house and seek refuge in a safe place a few minutes before the gate of his compound was broken down by Police.

The ADP leader was quoted saying the whole issue is largely pointing to political intermediation meant “to silence and destroy his political career.” He is currently at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarter helping the police in the investigation.

The leader and chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP)Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray has denied the allegation of sexual penetration of a 15 years old girl in Kono.

In an exclusive interview with this medium at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarter, He explained that sometime in January this year he met with the complainant’s father who told him that he is in need of a job.

He added that because the man was over 60 years old and could not be able to do neither labour job nor supervise the construction of his hotel he will therefore help him financially.

The father of the complainant accepted adding that Mr. Kamal Aruni of 19 John Street is the father of the complainant with two kids including the complainant.

He also said that in 2018 the mother of the child asked him to help the child to enroll in a private school, which he did and at that time she was 13 years old.

Mr Kamarainba further said in his dismay he saw the allegation via social media and when he contacted the Local Unit Commander of Tankora Police Station he told him that he has a report of an alleged rape case of a 15 years old girl on Valentine Day at the Diamond Lodge Hotel in Kono.

“I have never spent a night in that Hotel and Ambassador Yambasu is the owner of the hotel but I only attended a wedding ceremony sometime on January 18, 2020.” He told the public Review with tears on his face.

 The guardian of the victim who adopted her, Marion  asked him to buy two phones for them, the one for the victim and the other for the biological child living in Freetown. He revealed that he bought the phones at one hundred thousand Leones each at No. 6 Mabanta Road, Makeni. And he also gave them three hundred thousand Leones to the aunty to buy clothes for the 15 years old lady.

He furthered that, he later learnt that the 15 years old girl left the place of her adopted parent and moved to her biological parents. According to him, a dispute broke out between the two sides and the 15 years old lady went to the Tankoro police station to report the case, because her adopted parents took her clothes. He revealed that, because of that issue, he was invited to the Tankoro police station for questioning but did not attend.

Mr. Mansaray said the whole issue is like a setup, because he said when he was taking his statement at the CID in Freetown, the process was suspended and was never called up for questioning again.

Lawyers like Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, Ibrahim S Kamara and Ade Maculey visited him.

On the side of the police, the director of media and communication, Superintendent Brima Kamara said that Kamarainba has a reported case at the CID and he was reported on Friday 17th July 2020 that he allegedly has sexual penetration with a 15 year old girl. He further noted that the police went to his house to invite him, but they could find him at his place, where he later reported himself at the Criminal Investigation Department in Freetown.

According to the director of police media, the new sexual penetration act does not allow them to grant bail or release any suspect of such nature. He further revealed that Kamarainba is still under their watch to help them in the investigation. 


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