Patient dies at Princess Christian Maternity Hospital


A patient called Mbalu Kamara has lost her life on a PCMH labour ward after delivery.

Mbalu died after battling to live on February 15 due to poor medical intervention.

According to relaible sources, Mbalu died a few hours after giving birth to a baby girl.

The reports also stated that Mbalu suffered from excessive bleeding, which led to her death, but the child survived.

The newborn baby girl is now being taken care of by neighbours. They had been looking after her since being brought from the labour ward.

It is understood  that M’balu was a registered nurse at the PCM Hospital who had also been taking care of her 15 year old sibling, Amara prince  kamara.

Prince Kamara and the newborn baby are in the hands of their neighbors as family members of the late Mbalu continue to mourn.

Providing safe care for the children two is difficult, the family.

Sources also revealed that the father of the newborn has not come forward, which might have been of help and given the family hope.

“Mbalu has been taking care of a 15-year-old Amara Prince kamara, together with the newborn who is now under my care. We are currently looking for any humanitarian organization that will help us take care of this young child,” sources said.

Prince Kamara and the new baby child were currently in the hand of their neighbor as family members of the late Mbalu. They currently find it very difficult to take care of the two siblings. 

 Nurses tried tirelessly to save M’balus, making sure that they saved her life, but they couldn’t as she later died 3 hours after given birth.


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