In Port Loko… VP Jalloh Launches Youth Empowerment Foundation

Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Addressing a consortium of young people in Port Loko recently at an occasion marking the official launching of the Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh Youth Empowerment Foundation’ which attracted over 25 groups from the respective chiefdoms, Vice President Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh listed series of what he called ‘serious historical injustices’ Port Loko district suffered in the past several decades, which he said should be reversed.

Port Loko, he said is one of the largest districts in the country with vast lands. It hosts the international airport, making it the main gateway to and from the country.

VP Jalloh recalled how the district used to be a bread basket for the country. On the district’s food production potentials, he pointed to the extensive Rombeh swamp and several others in the Wallah area which if properly utilized can enable Sierra Leone to produce and export food to other countries. Politically, VP Jalloh said Port Loko has served as the operational headquarters for several prominent political parties in the country, making it the king maker district.

With all these positive attributes, including its proximity to the national capital, Port Loko he said ought to have a double roll of honour in terms of development; yet compared to other districts is one of the least developed.

VP Jalloh lamented that the district has lagged behind in development largely due to the mentality of its indigenes.

He noted that the people take pleasure in antagonizing each other on trivial issues rather than concentrating on those that would promote peace and unity.

He recalled that since the death of the late Hon. Ibrahim Sorie Koroma who worked hard to bring development to the district but did not get the support and cooperation of his people, the district has suffered from underdevelopment.

VP Jalloh thus admonished the people to put aside their political differences and utilize him as the second Vice President to come from the district to foster the district’s development.

Formation of the ‘Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh Youth Empowerment Foundation’ he said should be viewed as a wakeup call for the turnaround of things in Port Loko.

The Foundation which he said is apolitical would focus on identifying talents to be promoted in diverse spheres of life including commercial motorbike riding, petty trading as well as those who would want to pursue vocational skills training programs.


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