Orange SL Tackles Climate Change & Environmental Safety


As part of its corporate social responsibility, Orangs Sierra Leone as one of the leading mobile telecommunication companies in Sierra Leone has been working diligently supporting the government of Sierra Leone by tackling climate change and safety environment.

The Company has a collective responsibility on tackling climate change and providing environmental protection and sensitizing the public on the need to reduce Sierra Leone’s carbon emissions.

Recently, the Company took almost a week working on the environmental health and safety week to tackle both climate change and the need to have a safe environment in the country.

The week-long activities culminated with OSL employees planting 3,000 trees at the mud slide site of Mortomeh community, led by the CEO Sekou Amadou Bah, in partnership with Youth Alliance and Commonwealth.

Orange SL has also been a responsible corporate citizen recognizing the need to take sustainable action by reducing its carbon footprint, as the need to increase the company’s renewable energy ratio by optimizing its operations and investing in renewable energy consumption.

The importance of Environmental Health and Safety Week is the process of involving, identifying, assessing, and controlling the risk associated with the activities, products and services that could impact the lives of the people in Sierra Leone.

 Orange SL has funded several training programs in Freetown and in the provincial areas on both Environmental Health and Safety by providing environmental conservation for the people in Sierra Leone.


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