Orange SL Sponsors National Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair


By Mustapha Dumbuya

Orange Sierra Leone has on the 15th November, 2022 sponsored the National Youth Employment and Enterpreneurship fair organized by the government of Sierra Leone through the office of the Vice President at the Bintumani Conference Centre, Aberdeen.

Over 500 youths including 200 Enterpreneurs from 16 districts in Sierra Leone percecipated in the program which will last for three days.

In a bid to enhance such NYEEF support, Orange also offers a chance to win 5000 NL for youths who can pitch business ideas at the National Youth Employment and Enterpreneurship fair.

The head of Orange SL Public Relations, Annie Wonnie Katta, told the public that Orange is one of the biggest sponsor at the National Youth Employment and Enterpreneurship fair being Launched by the government of Sierra Leone at the Bintumani conference room adding that her institution is very keen on capacity building and youth empowerment and that’s why they were present.

“At today’s trade fair, we allow young people to drop their CVs and also announce Job opportunities available at Orange. We are also providing coaching for young entrepreneurs and we are organising a pitch for people with fine initiatives who provide solutions to societal issues which is scheduled for Thursday with a Prize tag so the winners can use the money to add to his/her existing small business.”

Speaking on the rationale behind Orange serving as a strong sponsor for this event, she added that “We are aware that this government is passionate about digital inclusion so we are not just supporting the government but we are also preparing the youths for the future.”

She concluded by encouraging the youths to attend the trade fair as there are lots of opportunities for them in the three days program. She added that besides Orange, there are lots of other employers around and they might just find opportunities to grow and improve their middle-level capacity.

Popular Musicians Drizilik and Markmuday also performed and interacted with young people at the Orange Business Booth.

Shadi Gerjawi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Africell Mobile Company representing the Telecommunications sectors Africell, Orange, Qcell and Seratel started by thanking the Vice President of the republic of Sierra Leone for putting this initiative together for the betterment of Sierra Leone.

The CEO also said that the Telecommunications sectors is one of the largest job employers both direct and indirect, the largest tax prayers and the largest CSR contributors in Sierra Leone.

According to him, he said with the combining work force, the Telecommunications sectors have employed over 1000 youthful employees adding as a sector they are happy to be part of the NYEEF initiative.

Mr Gerjawi explained that the sector is very committed to improving the lives and livelihood of the youths in Sierra Leone and they have not only stopped there but they have contributed greatly in the Human capital development agenda of President Julious Maada Bio.

He expressed that the sector had launched foundations, providing learning sectors and E-learning sectors, support sport, youth in entertainment, built schools and several investment in the country.

The CEO cited that the Telecommunications sectors will continue to provide the most needed technology advertisement in telecommunications in the country.

“Our sectors will continue to support the government and provide mutual beneficial relationship for our customers and also continue to support different areas such as education, health, media advocacy Tourism, culture, agriculture, sport and entertainment etc” he said.


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