Orange SL Partners with members of entertainment industry


By Feima Sesay

 Orange Sierra Leone has yesterday signed contracts with another set of local Musicians including a Disc Jockey (DJ) with a view to add to the company’s brand.

The signing ceremony took place at Orange headquarters in Freetown in order to create a bigger market for Orange products and services.

According to Martha Sumaila from Orange SL, the contract will last for a year period.

The artists, under the terms of the contract, will carve a good image for the company.

These artists are now ambassadors under the contract.

She added that they will support them in their music ventures so that the company can have a good image outside there.

During the signing ceremony, Chief Executive Officer, Sekou Amadu Bah  said he was happy to sign the contract with the artists adding that he hopes to see good image for his company under the new contract.

The CEO however does not lose sight of any challenge that such might come the artists’ way in the implementation of the contract.

CEO however assured the artist not to hesitate to get back to them if they  come across any challenge.

The artists were pleased and rather elated for the new contract which they saw as a big opportunity. One of them is the former President of the DJ’s Union who said he believed that the contract will take them a long way and furthered that the company’s brand is their top priority at the moment.

 “We will do everything to support the company,” he assured.

A female artist, Alimatu also expressed sentiments of good will for the new contract saying that it would add value to their talents.

The female artist assured Orange Sierra Leone of their continued loyalty. “We will never forget our Orange,” she assured.

The new contract is the latest in the stream of contract Orange Sierra Leone has signed with relevant partners.


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