ACC Launches Malpractice Task Force


As the body responsible in fighting corruption in the country, The Anti Corruption Commission has in a press release informed Sierra Leoneans that the commission in consultation and congruence with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education  has established and launched a Task Force which is aimed at eliminating malpractices and irregularities in public examinations to be conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), following the signing of a communiqué on the 16th July, 2020 in a high level  consultative meeting held at the Atlantic hotel in Freetown, which involves key stakeholders in the educational sector.  

The release furthered that the task force will collaborate with other partners, especially the Sierra Leone police and the MBSSE leadership to promote and deepen integrity, accountability and sanity in the conduct of public examinations. Furthermore, the Task Force will also be supported by a standby squad of the Elite Scorpion Squad of the commission, who will swiftly move in should intelligence establish organized examination malpractice cells and networks and will arrest and detain all involved should they find evidence on site. 

The commission drew the attention of the public to, section 128(3) of the Anti-Corruption Amended Act of 2019, which states that; “A person who engages in corrupt activity or practice, in a programme organized or conducted by an educational institution or examination body, to confer advantage in himself or another person commits an offence”.The commission encouraged the public to make complaints or reports to their offices in Freetown and the regions. And assured the public of its unwavering commitment to controlling corruption at all levels, including in public examinations


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