Civil Servant Sent to Prison


BY Feima Sesay

Civil Servant Sheik Umar Karankay was yesterday sent to remand by Magistrate Hannah Bonnie for Insulting Koblo Queen and perverting the course of Justice.

The accused Sheik Umar Karankay is charged with six counts of Perverting the Course of Justice, threatening Remarks, Public Insult and Provocation, Making use of Threatening Language, Insulting Conduct, Sending Threaten Representation and Abusive Language.

According to the particulars of offense on Count 1 the police alleged that the accused Sheik Umar Karankay on diverse dates between the 30th April and 25th June 2020, at No.1 Magazine Cut, Grass field Freetown being a son of one of the accused Osman Karankay Conteh standing trial at Court No.1 charge with the offense of conspiracy to commit murder and other related offenses made certain remarks ”Nar buff case-total buff case, this system is under our control” on Facebook against the Paramount Chief Koblo Queen I to pervert the course of Justice.

Count 2 state that the accused Sheik Umar Karankay on 15th June 2020, at No.1 Magazine Cut Grass field Freetown in the view of the public to wit Facebook and Whatsapp used certain insulting language against Paramount Chief Koblo Queen I in such a manner as would be likely to provoke him to commit a breach of the peace.

Count 3, 4, 5, and 6 alleged further that accused on the same date and place in Freetown did make use of threatening language on Facebook/Whatsapp and Insulting language against the Paramount Chief Koblo Queen the I.

The accused was not represented and he was remanded in custody until the 3rd August 2020.

Inspector I.G Fofanah is Prosecuting the matter.


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