Mrs. Samura Kamara & Mrs. Hawa Bah Interact with APC Women’s Congress Executive


By Emmanuel K. Kanu

Mrs. E.M. Samura Kamara and Mrs. Hawa C.R Bah today pay respect, interact and discuss vital issues with the Women’s Congress national executive of the APC at the National Headquarters.

On that note, this is a clear demonstration of their love and passion for victory ahead of the 24th June 2023 multi-tier elections. The Women’s Congress President Mariama Lowe thanked and appreciates both individuals for their timely engagement. Among other things, President Lowe highlighted the need for 30% women representation, credible elections, and expansion of membership across wards and villages. She concluded by assuring both ladies of the Congress support.

However, Mrs. E.M. Samura Kamara expressed thanks and appreciation to the leadership and general membership of the APC for their continued support in upholding the ideals of our party, and also in supporting Dr. Samura Kamara in his vision to deliver Sierra Leone. Peace and unity are necessary for national growth and we must be focused-minded in protecting the future of our nation.

As a party, we must continue to preach against tribalism, regionalism, etc. Our primary objective at the moment is to win the elections and contribute to the development of Sierra Leone. She concluded by wishing the Muslim community a happy and blessed Ramadan.

Mrs. Hawa Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah feels happy to interface with the national executive of the Congress. Thus, women’s role in politics is fundamental, they serve as the backbone around the politics of the party, and the women are ready to actively participate in the upcoming elections going forward, she ended.

Other executive members implore for collective effort and the APC victory song ended the meeting.


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