Modern Elementary School driver hits man & absconds


By Mustapha Dumbuya

The bus driver for the Modern Elementary School at King Street Freetown hits a vehicle with registration number ASA 392 of Mr. Alhassan Kamara and ran away.

The said incident took place on the 9th March, 2022 at the Freetown road, Wilberforce.

This incident had left the Victim who was hit in an unstable condition.

It was reported that the victims arm was fractured, his vehicle destroyed and his mobile Iphone 10 which cost at the sum of nine million Leones was damaged.

In an exclusive interview with the victim, Mr. Alhassan Kamara explained that during the time he was taken to the 34 Military Hospital, he was noticed to be unconscious for over 5 hours.

“The Driver hit my car and ran away and I almost lost my life, destroyed my vehicle, break my arm whilst returning home from work” Mr Kamara explained.

He added that police obtained statement from him whiles the proprietor was invited but she later promised to repay the cost of the properties lost.

 “It is almost three (3) months now and the proprietress had never showed up and has failed to either call or ask for my health condition” he said.     

On the first attempt to talk with Mrs Hellen Keili the proprietress of the Modern Elementary School she instructed her secretary Mrs Davies that she is very busy and cannot talk to any journalist.

This medium had tried very hard for the second time to talk with mrs Hellen proprietress of the school but she later instructed her secretary that; the matter is in court and she cannot respond at the moment.

In response to the statement made by the proprietress, Mr. Alhassan Kamara replied that it is not true and the matter is still with the police after they had issued two (2) invitations to her and she still failed to show up.

This ugly situation had left the poor man in unbearable condition and frustration as he is thinking when he should be able to recover his properties that have been damaged.

Peoples Redemption Council gears to transform Sierra Leone

By Mento

A new political party, the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) has joined the Sierra Leone political race with the main aim at providing relief for the hopeless, disgruntled, vulnerable and neglected people in society.

Speaking to this medium  at his Wellington resident in the Eastern part of Freetown on Wednesday 22nd June, 2022, the Chairman, Founder and Flagbearer of PRC, Mr. Amadu Thambadu Bundu commonly called AT Bundu said he decided to join the country’s political movement in the midst of the two giants political parties in the country which had misruled the nation for decades, because he said both the main opposition, All Peoples Congress (APC) and the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) are presently in disarray and nothing is happening.

Mr. Bundu highlighted that both parties are always in confusion and there are problems every day and everywhere across the country.

According to Mr. Bundu, majority Sierra Leoneans believed that those at the helm of affairs cannot provide solution or answer to the country’s economic predicament and other unending crisis. “In fact that is why as an investor and business magnet in various spheres of life joined the landscape to relieve the oppressed and disgruntled class of people in society”, he stated and emphasized that people are busy criticizing but are not sourcing permanent solution to the prevailing acute hunger and abject poverty which is reversing the nation’s human resource develooment agenda.

Mr. Bundu said he normally feel disturbed when young people in town and cities are still in the culture of begging “Bra you borbor dae”.

The 2023 presidential aspirant further deliberated that APC and SLPP had ruled Sierra Leone since most of them were in their mothers’ wombs but it seems as if nothing is happening at all. He noted that there would have been no public outcry if the two main political parties in the country would have done well in transforming lives of citizens and the country to a paradise.

The PRC Leader and Chairman intimated that some people are of the view that the APC had tried to uplift the country in terms of development, but for us as investors knew and believed that they had played their own best to make the country a better place for human existence.

Mr. Bundu reiterated that the SLPP come again under the supervision of President Julius Maada Bio but nothing serious had yet to happen in terms of development as people are busy crying across the length and breadth of the country as a result of the complete absence of developmental projects initiatives.

“I didn’t feel good whenever I heard people reigning invectives against the sitting President, but the president is like a father, when he fails to perform his tasks the children will likely rise or retaliate against their fathers and that is the current and actual situation in our beloved country”, he told journalists and he called on President Bio to take it easy because according to him, the people of this country needed him no more for his failure to create a legacy which would have attracted the majority among Sierra Leoneans to vote him in office for the second time in the next year’s presidential election.

Mr. Bundu continued that  as an investor that had taken investment across the country, he wanted to industrialize the country, adding that he hadn’t only influential international partners, but he also possessed over 100 industrial project to industrialize the country, ranging from Tobbacco factories, paper industries, housing, fabricated materials and among other development plans which he said would be useful to enhance the total development of the country for the fact that presently, there are no jobs for the active population .

He frankly stated that the current happenings or incidents are not good for us as a desired nation to create development for it citizens.

On the issue of increasing taxation on investors, Mr. Bundu said if he becomes the president, his Government would not depend on taxation to encourage more investors to stay and continue doing business, but I would depend upon my business ideas or initiatives to enhance development.

He described the issue of increasing taxes on foreign and local investors as a bad precedent and it has the possibility to drive or scared away potential investors from investing in the country to create jobs for the working population.

The president to be concluded by describing a leader as someone with business initiative if so desired to achieve total national development.

Over 45,000 School Children to Benefit from Qatari EAA Foundation

The Chief Executive Officer for Education Above All, EAA, Foundation, Fahad Al-Sulaiti, has confirmed to His Excellency, President Dr Julius Maada Bio, visiting the Qatar Foundation that at least 45,000 out-of-school children in Sierra Leone will benefit from the EAA.

He stated that the aim of the zero out-of-school programmes, their flagship programme, was to enrol children back to school, thereby removing the barriers that kept them out of school.

A board member of the Qatar Foundation, Dr Mazen Jassim Jaidah, explained the work of the Foundation through various programmes that focused on education, research and innovation. “We are here to support you, your Excellency, with the great work you do in Sierra Leone,” he assured.

Responding, His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio stated that the out-of-school children programme was very much aligned with his vision to increase access to education for children through the free quality education programme.

“While we offer free quality education, we also need to cater for the Out-Of-School Children,” the President said.

He spoke about the various components of the Free Quality Education Programme, which included school feeding, provision of school bus services, payment of transitional examination fees, provision of core textbooks, teaching and learning materials.

The President also spoke about the National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools, the first attempt by any Government in Sierra Leone to provide a roadmap for the day-to-day operations of schools and the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to ensure inclusion and positive experience for all students regardless of their status in society.

The First Lady, Madam Fatima Bio spoke about her various initiatives to protect girls and prevent them from dropping out of school, through the “Hands Off Our Girls” and “Sanitary Pad Distribution” initiatives.

The EAA works to ensure equal access to education and to harness the power of quality education for positive, sustainable, and inclusive change. EAA is the brainchild of the founder, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the former First Lady of the State of Qatar, and a long-time advocate for education.


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