By Kabs Kanu

Yesterday, it happened again in the U. S . A gunman entered a mall in Texas and opened fire and killed and injured many innocent people. Not a month passes now without mass shootings and deadly  massacres and maiming of people by crazed gunmen.

Other countries  have undemocratic , human rights -abusing and killer presidents like President Bio of Sierra Leone who send out their security officers to kill innocent demonstrators and opponents ; America has gunmen who enter schools, hospitals, malls and public places and open fire and kill innocent people and children. What is the difference between the two countries ?

America has been the Policeman of the world for over a century and this commendable role by the country is well appreciated by nations and people around the world . America is a very strong advocate of democracy and the observance of fundamental human rights , the rule of law and good governance . America has spent billions of dollars to enforce these noble ideals around the world. America has been a deterrent to bad governance, human rights abuses , extrajudicial and politically motivated killings , as well as terrorism. I salute America for her selfless efforts to make the world a safer place for everybody .

America has been a refuge for millions of people fleeing wars, political and religious chaos and persecution around the world and economic hardships caused by corrupt and heartless governments that do not care for their people. By the grace of God, America has been doing a marvelous job to provide safe, enabling and empowering homes for refugees and oppressed people from all over the world. I am very proud to be an American.

America is the most generous country in the world. She sends millions of dollars everyday to other countries to help them fight economic and political hardship , oppression, suppression, humanitarian crises and to have other people of the world enjoy safe drinking water, clean and affordable electricity , good infrastructure, education and health care delivery systems. America also sends out peace corps to be brilliant examples of voluntary public service and missionaries to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and change lives. America has the moral right to be the leader of the world.

America is a land of freedom and equal rights. No society in the world is perfect but it is a fact that even enemies of the United States can accept America is incomparable to any country in the world for the religious, political and economic freedom it provides its people and foreigners. America is a sanctuary even for animals. The freedom animals enjoy in America is unparalleled and incomparable to any enjoyed by creatures anywhere else in the world.

America must however tackle serious problems that often rear their ugly heads in the country , like racist police brutality and killings and this unending menace of public shootings and massacres by lone gunmen , which are costing hundreds of innocent lives .

America has demonstrated that she can lead the world well. America has to however demonstrate now that she is better than the countries she helps by making life safer within her own borders. Great, laudable efforts have been made to control racism and police brutality but so far, neither the Democrats, nor the Republicans have reached an amicable consensus over the issue of gun control. Active shooter tragedies will not end in America until guns are withdrawn from the hands of reckless people who misuse them. America must make it extremely difficult for people to lay hands on or own guns. Democratic and Republican governments  in America have the capacity to implement strict and uncompromising gun control laws and regulations but the moral and political will are lacking and this is bad and is not making America look good to other nations. America must try to be a good example to the nations she leads .

If you lead, you must show better examples.

It is time for America to arise and stop these merciless killings by her own people to show the world that she is a better nation that respects human life within her own borders. If these mass killings are not stopped , America will lose her hallowed and lofty position as the unmatchable leader of a free and safe world .


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