The Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Njala University, Professor Osman Alimamy Sankoh (Mallam O.) on Sunday, April 12th, 2021 paid a working day visit to Tiwai Island, Pujehun District, and Southern Sierra Leone.

Professor Sankoh was accompanied by his Special Assistant, Mr. Alpha Jalloh, and the University Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ralph Simeon Sesay.

The purpose of the one-day visit was to understand first-hand the status of the University research facilities at the Island and how his Administration would efficiently harness its potentials to promote research within the University.

Mallam O. was received by Professor Aiah Lebbie, Head of the Biological Sciences Department, School of Environmental Sciences, Director of Research and Development, Professor Richard Wadsworth, Professor Mohamed Imam Bakarr, Senior Staff at the Global Environment Facility in Washington who also doubles as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Natural Resources Management and the Paramount and Regent Chiefs of Koya and Barri Chiefdoms in  Kenema and Pujehun Districts and other town Chiefs of the surrounding communities where the island sits.

Professor Lebbie and his team took the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal through the state-of-the-art research facilities rehabilitated and equipped with water and solar facilities courtesy of the US Center for Disease project at the Department.

The rich infrastructure has a well-furnished accommodation facility for students, a research coordinator, an office area for meetings and another building hosting the solar batteries, and a space for a library. 

The facility has played host to several researchers both locally and internationally and also served as a teaching and research center for students of the Biological Sciences in the School of Environmental Sciences, Njala University.

Professor Lebbie and his team noted that they were pleased to have received Mallam O. at the Island and reported that he is the second Vice-Chancellor and Principal at Njala University to have visited the Island after Professor Abu Sesay.

They appealed to him to support the sustainable management of the research facilities at the Island noting that this has been a huge challenge for them despite their collaboration with the Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) and the host communities.

The Island, Professor Lebbie and his team went on, is challenged with the threats from marmites who constantly invade the building wanting to destroy it. They stressed the need for constant security in the area and the recruitment of an individual with the management expertise to manage the facility and effectively handle the hospitality-related functions of the facility.

Mallam O. while responding assured the team that he has a very strong urge to use research as a vehicle to transform Njala University and hence his administration would fully take ownership of the management of Tiwai Island moving forward.

The Acting-Vice-Chancellor was satisfied that Professor Lebbie and his team had achieved so much at the Island and promised to fully support their efforts moving further.

He recounted that his vision for the research facilities is to equip it and make it accessible to the various schools within the University with a view to supporting teaching and research.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor later met with the Paramount Chief of Koya Chiefdom, PC Alameen Kanneh, and Regent Chief of Barrie Chiefdom, Vandi Samai, and other town chiefs and traditional authorities of the host communities.

The community authorities were very satisfied that a sitting Vice-Chancellor and Principal would visit the Island and expressed further support to cement the existing relationship between Njala University and Tiwai Island.

They appealed to Professor Sankoh to help them address the issues of poaching, illegal mining, and the general security of the island and lauded the contributions of Professor Lebbie and his team in promoting and marketing the rich potentials of Tiwai Island to the rest of the world.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal was taken on a conducted tour of the forest where he was shown various plants and also the visitor’s section of the island

He concluded by assuring the Community People and the staff of the Biological Sciences and the NRM School that he would use his influence both within and abroad to effectively exploit the rich potentials of Tiwai to the world to the benefit of the people of Tiwai Island.

The caretaker Acting-Vice-Chancellor and Principal has always nursed the vision that research is the way to go and his visit to Tiwai is another manifestation that he is determined to hit the ground running and bring the much-needed glory to Njala University.

Tiwai Island is one of the biggest islands in Sierra Leone and sits on a 120 hectare of land between Koya Chiefdom in the Kenema District and Barrie in Pujehun.

The Island has over 700 plant species, 350 different types of birds, and various other primates. It is one of the protected forest reserves in the country that has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attraction. These protected forest reserves across the country are continuously challenged by the lack of much-needed social amenities like transportation, electricity, and water to attract tourists. The situation is further worsening by the activities of poachers, loggers, and illegal miners


On Thursday 8th April, 2021, Dr. Samura Kamara was massively endorsed by Members of Parliament, Councillors, party affiliated groups, party stalwarts, residents and stakeholders of Makeni city.

It was a spectacular occasion in Makeni as APCiers thrown their hats for Dr. Samura to be the flag bearer of the party as he has the prerequisite requirements and the institutional knowledge to give the partly landslide victory come 2023.

Dr. Samura who was elated by the magnitude showed of love and support by true sons and daughters of the Almight APC expressed his profound thanks to the Almighty, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and the people of Makeni for such confidence they bestowed on him.

In Makeni, Dr. Samura also dished out his COVID-19 Relief Package to the women and the vulnerable.

Sierra Leone most anticipated would-be President come 2023, Dr. Samura Mathieu Wilson Kamara also received an heroic welcome in Bo, Kenema and Kailahun districts by non APCiers who have become totally disappointed and rejected by President Bio.

In a bid to show that they have made a sharp U-turn, residents of the aforementioned districts which happens to be the strongholds of the SLPP party came out in a mad rush to show and give their unreserved and unrestrained support to Dr. Samura Kamara. Dr. Samura ended Bo visit with the dishing out of his Covid-19 Relieve package to the vulnerable and the women.

In Bo Dr. Samura Kamara observed Jumma prayers in Fullah central mosque in new site.  Dr. Samura after the Jumma prayers addressed the congregation by emphasing the need to maintain peace as it’s the beacon for development.

He encouraged the worshippers to be courageous and let them continue to pray for our beloved country as Sierra Leone at the moment is been governed by inexperience and an efficient politicians whose main intention is to enrich themselves.

Dr. Samura held meeting with the Kenema District executive and other affiliated groups like Tagmen, Kalamere, BBSL-S, Samura Babes and host of others.

In Kailahun, where Dr. Samura accompanied  Amb. Osman Foday Yansanneh and others to witness the burial of comrade Sheku Tejan Koroma former District Chairman of the APC party. Dr. Samura’s arrival eventually painted the town red as mammoth supporters came out to give Dr. Kamara a befitting welcome and expressed joy for the would-be President.

The youth leader Ansu Bernard , Comrade Jajua , Chief Gobeh and other staunch party stalwarts expressed their thanks to Dr. Samura for visiting their district and vehemently assured Dr. Samura of their fullest support and commitment.

They however informed Dr. Samura to inform the party hierarchy to try to amend wounds as them the grassroots are not willing to encourage any division and rancour within the party.

Comrade Jajua ended by thanking former President Koroma for the transformation he brought to Kailahun district.

Kono Disowns Aspiring SLPP District Chairman

The Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) is one of the oldest political parties in Sierra Leone.

Quite recently the party concluded its Zonal and Constituency elections. The party will also hold its District Chairmanship and other Executive positions across the country on Saturday 17th April, 2021.

But recently members of the SLPP grassroots supporters in Kono district have raised serious concern over one of the aspiring candidates Mr. Saffa Leslie Moiwa in that part of the country.
According to these grassroots supporters they need someone that will be working in the interest of the people not for someone that will be working for its interest.

According to them it will be sound ungrateful if they have a true son of the soil that will be able to take the all the risks to bring development in their district ahead of the 2023 election.
They continued to say that Mr. Moiwa has never got any record that will show that he will not be able to deliver in the interest of the people in Kono District.

The Kono District grassroots SLPP supporters claiming that such aspiring candidate need a very strong engagement with the people of Kono in order to build a good leadership.

Speaking to Tamba Dawuda one of the supporter disclosed to this medium that they have many vibrant peoples among the party that were always working with them even in the mist of the 11 years opposition.

Mr. Tamba expresses that the method at which they saw the people aspiring for such position will not only create confusion among the party but also undermined the peace and safety of the people of the district.

Vehicle Theft Lands 50 yrs Old Man in Jail

By Feima Sesay

50 years old Abdul Mimi Kargbo that was sometime last month caught in the eastern part of Freetown with several vehicles and assorted vehicle life cards was yesterday sent to prison.

The accused Abdul Mimi Kargbo made his first appearance in court before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Pademba Road court No.4 and was arraigned on two counts charges of Larceny contrary to section 2 of the larceny Act 1916 and Unlawful possession contrary to section 13(1) Cap 37 as amended by section 5 of Act No 6 of 1981.

According to the particulars of offence on count one, the police alleged that the accused on Saturday 27 February 2021 at Sahr Samuel Lewis Road Freetown stole one maroon Toyota 4 runner vehicle with registration number AIT 750 valued at Le 70 million and one Samsung S8 valued Le 6 million all to the total value of le76 million property of Micheal Swaray.

The police further alleged on counts 2 that the accused on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 18 Off Banana Street Waterloo was found with 36 vehicle registration life cards and 35 vehicle number plates reasonable suspected to have been stolen.

When the charges were read to the accused in the dock, he pleaded not guilty on count one which is Larceny and guilty on counts two which is Unlawful Possession.

The accused told the court that the items were in deed found in his possession because it is his line of business but also stated that he was unaware that it was an offence and therefore pleaded with the magistrate to temper Justice with mercy.

Police prosecutor ASP Aminatu Daboh informed the court that the complainant is absent and therefore could not proceed with the matter.

Lawyer Jeremiah B. Bangura was defending the accused in court.

Magistrate Sahr Kekura however adjourned the matter to Thursday 15 April 2021 for record and sentencing.

In another development, the accused was also charge with one count of Larceny contrary to law.

Whiles the police alleged that the accused Abdul Mimi Kargbo on Sunday 21 January 2021 at Grass Field Kissy Freetown stole one maroon Rav 4 jeep with registration number AOX 309 valued Le 35 million property of Emaka Victor Ezeudu.

No plea was taken.

The complainant was present in court but the prosecutor asked for an adjournment to have conference with him.

Lawyer Jeremiah B. Bangura defended the accused persons.

The matter accused was remanded in prison whiles the matter was adjourned to 15 April 2021.

ACC To probe Audit Queries

Following its public hearings today 12/04/2021 in the Hall of Makeni City Council, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), chaired by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas, relating to the Auditor General’s Report of 2019 has so far referred two audit queries to the Anti-Corruption Commission for further investigation.

The issues so referred relate to Falaba District Council in respect of revenues not brought to account for 27 receipt books totaling Le 142, 400,000; and irregularities with the monthly general cleaning incentive, the sum of Le 388, 800,000 with support documents revealing several discrepancies.

Submitting his opening remarks, the Chairman of PAC spoke on the audit process on the annual accounts of Sierra Leone, the production and tabling of its Report to Parliament through the Public Accounts Committee to investigate, ascertain correctness or otherwise and recommend to Parliament regarding issues raised in the Auditor General’s Report of 2019.

Speaking on the role of the ACC and the Police during the investigative process by the PAC, he warned against volunteerism, lying under oath and presentation of forged documents would amount to Contempt of Parliament and perjury punishable for seven years.

Also speaking on human rights, he advised officials in Councils not to do business with service providers whose documents have expired.

Recognizing the efforts of staff supporting the PAC and thanking officials from the ACC and the Police in attendance, he observed “the country has been going in circles, the need for us to come together and do something different to change the narratives of the country positively”.

Before releasing officials from Kambia District to attend to an audit by the European Union, the Deputy Speaker duly noted that “parliamentary summons take precedent over any other matter, except with it`s own consent”.

In light of a parliamentary summons for the past CA of Karene District Council with a medical certificate and other officials of the said Council in Freetown on 28/04/2021, the PAC has also directed summoning Ministry of Finance to provide an explanation for direct payment of sitting fees and allowances into the accounts of absentee councillors without guidelines.

Speaking on retrieving of property arrears to the tune of over Le 1 Billion and the Valuator who died with the password to access the needed data in Tonkolili District Council, improvement of drinking water, the Public Accounts Committee has ordered the said Council to close all its dormant accounts and bring to speed all NASSIT payments for staff in that Council.


Dr. Turad Senesie Sells New Policy Vision to FAO

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie met with the FAO Country Representative, Mrs. Nyabemyi Tipo on Thursday to discuss the sector’s new policy direction.

At his Youyi Building Office in Freetown, Dr. Senesie assured the FAO Boss of government’s continued partnership commitment, while highlighting the inherited challenges he is trying to surmount.

Major among the reform agenda in the sector is digitisation of the ministry’s operations, the minister highlighted.

He disclosed the shift in focus from land to housing and country planning, while speaking of the need to review policies guiding land administration and management to achieve the vision of the new direction government.

Earlier, the FAO Country Representative, Mrs. Nyabemyi Tipo assured the minister that the courtesy call was an indication that the FAO was committed to the continued partnership with the ministry.

She disclosed that the FAO has supported law reform efforts in the ministry, while noting that they would be happy to receive proposals from the ministry in the direction of digitising the operations of the sector.

Induction for National Habitat Committee Members

An induction ceremony for members of the National Habitat Committee, charged with the responsibility to develop a National Urban Policy, was held at the conference room of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning on Thursday April 8 2021.

Championed by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, together with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the UN HABITAT, the committee is comprised of various stakeholders from government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Local Councils and Civil Society Groups among others.


The Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie assured the committee of the required support to ensure the formulation of the National Urban Policy in line with the medium term national development plan.

The Development Secretary in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Peter Sam-Kpakra expressed appreciation to the UN HABITAT for supporting the tasking process.

He disclosed that urban planning will serve as a major pillar and engine for sustainable development, adding that it will also help tackle the challenges associated with providing good education and proper health facilities among other amenities.

Sam-Kpakra used the forum as an opportunity to commend the new Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning for prioritising housing and country planning issues.

The Director for Planning, Policy and Project Development in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Alphajoh Cham, disclosed that Sierra Leone is currently in Stage 2 of the Demographic Transition which is characterized by high birth rate, declining death rate and rapidly expanding population with a base pyramid suggesting a younger population with about 41% below the age of 50.

He digressed on issues pertaining to rapid urbanization which include poor mobility that has led to traffic congestion and recurring environmental disasters.

“If we are not able to manage our cities it becomes difficult for any effective economic activity,” he said.

The National Consultant, UN Habitat, Saaid Conteh, National spoke of the imperative to enhance planning, improve living conditions of urban settlers, increase productivity and improve infrastructure to match the challenges associated with urbanisation.

“The UN Habitat is very much interested in promoting Sustainable Development Goal No. 11 which focuses on human settlement,” he noted.

According to him, the National Urban Policy is a government led process which will focus on coordinating and rallying various actors for a common vision and goal.

Conteh highlighted that the main purpose of the National Habitat Committee is to indenty priority areas in the country and also serve as the main coordination mechanism to collaborate on issues that are related to urban development.

 Maiden S/Leone’s Ambassador to Morocco Arrives in Rabat

Sierra Leone’s first Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr Atumanni Dainkeh, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary has arrived in the city of Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco to assume duty.

Ambassador Atumanni Dainkeh had, on the 30th March instant taken leave of His Excellency, Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House.

Ambassador Dainkeh was unanimously approved together with two Deputy Ambassadors  by the Sierra Leone House of Parliament on the 16th November, 2021.

His Excellency Dr Julius Maada Bio, during his speech on the Occasion of the State Opening of the Third Session of the Fifth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone on May 29th 2020, promised the expansion of Sierra Leon’s presence abroad, considering same as pivotal component of the country’s National Development Plan.

His Excellency President Bio went on to declare the establishment of an embassy in Morocco.

Ambassador Dainkeh has arrived in Rabat to push Government’s economic and diplomatic agenda in Morocco and North Africa.


In her quest of becoming Leader of the Women’s Congress, Madam Mariama Lowe Bangura has vowed to reach out to all women in order to have first-hand knowledge on issues affecting them.

In her proxy, team MaLowe visited Kailahun Women to ‘Borah’ on her behalf and to tell them about her aspiration of becoming the President of the APC Women’s Congress. The Team assured them that Mama Lowe will soon pay visit to them to have a tete ‘a’ tete discussion. The women express their satisfaction as this has been the first time ever they have been recognized by a woman vying for the presidency of the Women Congress. They thanked her for setting the precedent of reaching out to Kailahun Women.

Madam Mariama Lowe has set the pace to reach out to all women, not only women in high places but also to those that are considered to have not. 

According to the Kailahun women, Mama Lowe message of hope has reinvigorated them and whatever the case may be they are ready to fly the APC banner higher than ever. They reiterated that they have heard about her kind gesture towards the party and other Comrades. They thanked her for the good job done in promoting the party.

Members of Team MaLowe made statements on behalf of her, elaborating her intentions to all ten constituency ladies present

FCC Chief Administrator Responds to FCC Mayor

In a letter addressed to the Mayor of Freetown the Chief Administrator at the FCC notes: I am in receipt of your memo with the above subject to which I was asked to respond.

Issue No.1

“Deep dissatisfaction with the performance of the Chief Administrator of the Freetown City Council and the lack of sound working relationship between the Mayor, the Councilors and

Council Administration”

Response No 1

Her Worship let me remind you that when I took office as Chief Administrator effectively on the 1st of December 2017 l inherited a cash balance of the Freetown City Council’s own source revenue of Le50,907,542 (Fifty Mllion Nine Hundred and Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Forty-two Leones). whilst this meagre amount was the cash balance, the following were inherited as liabilities of the FCC.

I. A backlog Le909,770,300 (Nine Hundred and Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Thousand Three Hundred in salary.

Service benefits to retirees

II. Huge arrears in the payment of end of service benefits to retirees.

III. Accumulated leave allowances from 2015 to 2017.

Iv. Huge outstanding payment to service providers which had undermined the credibility of Council to suppliers and contractors.

In the context of all of these, the workforce was democratic.

Let me also remind you that being at the top of management of the council when the then Mayor was out of office during the electioneering period, I undertook a number of reforms in order to build a robust internal control system. These reforms include but not limited to:

I. Introduction of banking outlets (Zenith Bank and Commerce Mortgage Bank) at the Freetown City Council.

II. Replacement of receipt books and certificates with ones with better security safety.

III. Replacement of handwritten demand notes with electronic versions all in a bid to minimize leakages and optimize tax collection.

As a result Freetown City Council revenue mobilization in Property Rate, Business License, Market Dues, Billboards and Banners, Parking Fee, etc. hit an all-time high.

So, before you took office in May of 0lp2018, council had:

Paid salary backlog for November and December 2017

Paid salary from January to April of 2018.

Paid leave allowances to staff 2015 to 2018.

Paid 85 percent of all outstanding end of service benefits to retirees.

Procured 120 pairs of boots to the Metropolitan Police.

Provided for the first time identity cards to all 484 staff of council.

Paid 90 percent of all outstanding commitments to contractors, suppliers and media outlets.

Provided Loan facilities to devolved sectors to implement activities that were time bound and

Granted Loan facilities to staff of Council.

As a result of these developments, public confidence in doing business with FCC was restored.

It is therefore incomprehensible to me to say you are dissatisfied with my performance for a role that I have performed with and without supervision. As part of my achievements also are the consistent records of UNQUALIFIED Audit opinion (ie. Audit report that reflect best practice in Council) for the period 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively.

With regards the sound working relationship. I wish to state that ever since you came to office you have persistently shown neglect and lack of recognition for the office of the Chief Administrator and other core staff of the Freetown City Council by implementing programs projects with the Mayor’s Delivery Unit (MDU), the unit that you created in 2019.

Each time l point out the need for clarity in the functional relationship between the MDU whose staff are not employed by the Freetown City Council, the outcome has always been a dissension between us.

Also, you have been constantly disregarding the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and the Chief Administrator. For instance, in several meetings including meetings with the Local Government Services Commission you have always reiterated that you are the head of Administration even though section 13 (2) says:

Council Chief Administrator shall be the secretary to the council and head of administration to the council. So for there to exist a sound working relationship, it is imperative to adhere to the rules and regulations set in the Local Government Act of 2004 and the Revised 2015 Human Resource Guidelines.

Issue No.2

“No attempt to implement basic performance management measures within FCC despite my specific and repeated requests that you do”

Response No.2

As you are aware, Performance management basically align individuals, team, and organizational goals to optimise achievement. It also values reward and recognition.

What we are currently witnessing is a parallel administrative structure within Council

(Mayor’s Delivery Unit) which has led to a good number of staff being redundant. The work of the Saff of Bailiff. Valuation and sometimes the Information, Education and Communication Officer to name a few are either outsourced or assumed by the MDU this has led to low morale amongst staff of FCC.

The failure of the Office of the Mayor to make known to management, Financial emoluments to the Mayor’s Delivery Unit undermines the spirit of reward and recognition in the work place.

Furthermore your constant pattern of engaging staff of FCC and issuing specific assignments /instructions without reference to my office undercuts my authority and hence the basic performance measures within the FCC. Therefore in the interest of a sound performance management framework, it is important that you let me run the Administration and you supervise the process as proscribed in the LGA 2004.

Issue No.3

“That you have repeatedly failed to discharge basic Chief Administrator duties and that there was no council meeting January 2021.”

Response No.3

My response to your first issue above indicates that your positions that have repeatedly failed to discharge basic Chief Administrative duties are not the reality. With regards the issue of no council meeting in January of 2021, I would like to remind you that January meeting was held on the 28th of January 2021 and the minutes are available as proof.

Issue No 4.

“There is no evidence of regular budgetary reporting against expenditure and revenue, and also your absence or distraction by your phone during the strategic planning and budget review process.”

Response No.4

There is evidence of monthly budgeting reporting against expenditure and revenue submitted for every Council General Meeting. Also, budgeting reporting has always been submitted to you at your behest by the Finance Department therefore your concern about regularity is unclear.

With regards my absence or distraction by my phone during the “strategic planning and budget review process “i will like to state that I was never distracted by phone Or absent I followed up all of the deliberations.

Issue No.5

“That you have consistently either opposed or disengaged entirely from, the FCC effort to reform property tax in the city, Even though the intervention is carefully designed to be fair and transparent and ultimately aims to raise revenue for FCC and Freetonians.”

Response No.5

Her Worship as my record suggests. I have never disengaged entirely from FCC effort to reform property tax in the city. My frustration has been with the lack of due processes and procedures and the neglect of my office. for instance you secured £1,000,000,000,00 (1 Million Pound Starling) for Property Tax reform and singularly directed it to international Growth Centre (IGC)without making full disclosure to either Parliament, Councilos or Staff of FCC of the project documents, funding agreements, contract award, monitoring and supervision system to ensure transparency, accountability and sustainability of such Projects. On to this date I regularly receive phone calls from tax payers demanding answers on an on-going property tax survey being conducted by IGC for which I have zero knowledge.

In addition, you have replaced Core Staff (the valuation officer) of FCC with the MDU Staff (Rosetta Wilson) to lead in the property Tax reform process. Also the distribution of Rates Demand Notes for 2021 a core function of the Bailiff Section has been unilaterally outsourced by you to a company called Unimax without the knowledge of Council and thereby rendering the Valuation and Bailiff Section redundant.

Issue No.6

“I find it incomprehensible that I continuously and openly disregard the very clear resolution of Council in respect of the two LGSC staff postings whilst the matter is still reviewed by


Response No. 6

Her Worship my position on this staff postings is very clear, as the Chairman of Local Government Service Commission advised in the meeting we held in your office some three weeks ago. “That no Permanent Secretary will reject a staff transferred by the Human Resource Management Office to a Ministry because the Minister does not wish to work with the Staff.” So he gave the same advice I gave the Councillors previously that if the Councillors were not willing to accept the two Staff then they should have written to the Local Government Service Commission and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and regıster their discontent, Also there is no record of Chief Administrator rejecting any staff transferred to their Council, So I am still wondering what Iegal instruction I disregarded that is considered as insubordination.

Issue No.7

“So that we are absolutely clear about the lines of responsibility that bind us, I reminded you that Section 11(3) (a) of the LGA 2OO4 states that the Chairperson (Mayor) “shall supervise the Local Council Chief Administrator” and that Section 33(1) states that the Local Council Administrator shall be responsible to and subject to the general direction of the Local Council. Furthermore, section 31(5) states that the Chief Administrator shall ensure accountability and transparency in the Management and delivery of Local Council’s services and therefore expect and demand my full support.”

Response No.7

Her Worship I do recognize my roles and responsibilities as stated in LGA 2004. In addition to what you have stated, section 31(4) states that a Local Council Chief Administrator shall

(a) Be responsible for the financial and other resource management and the day-to-day administration of the Local Council.

(b) Be responsible for the implementation of all lawful decisions of the Local Council.

(c) Assist and advise the Chairperson in the performance of his functions

(d) Supervise and coordinate the activities of the other staff and Departments of the Local Council

(c) Have custody of all documents and records of the Local Council; and,

Section 33(2) states that the other staff or a Local Council shall be responsible to the Local Council Chief Administrator.

But in the discharge of my duties Her worship I have encountered continuous bottlenecks by you not accepting my role as Head of Administration. So over the years you have directly been engaged in holding regular meetings with Junior, Intermediate and Senior Staff and demand that they report to you directly without my knowledge and hence distorting the official line of reporting.

With regards to Section 31(5) which states that the Chief Administrator shall ensure that Accountability and transparency in the Management and delivery of Local Council services, the 2019 Audit Report  of FCC noted that the Transform Freetown Priorities is the Development Plan ol the Council and should form the basis for the preparation of the Councils budget.

There was however no evidence that these annual milestone from the Transform Freetown Plan were linked to the 2019 budget of the Council because there was no disclosure as at the time of audit.

Additionally, Statement 9 of FCCs Financial Statement (Expenditure by Administrative Units) for the year ended 31st December, 2019 does not contain Transform Freelown Priority Projects implemented or to be implemented by other agencies. And to this date your office have not disclose to FCC and it’s management, the recruitment process, financial emoluments paid to the Mayor’s Delivery Unit despite several recommendations made by both the Human Resources Officer of FCC and the Anti-Corruption Commission.

AIso, it has also been observed by Council administration that you have been operating a separate bank account called BDO Account at Rokel Commercial Bank Limited for donor funding for which no disclosure has been made nor is the Chief Administrator a signatory to the account.

These and many more are issues of transparency and accountability.

Her Worship, I would like to mention that I am committed to working with you with the aim of archiving our common objective to the development of the City of Freetown.

Pres. Bio Attends Joe Demby’s Funeral 

His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio joined family members of the late former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr Albert Joe Demby, at a funeral mass held in Gerihun town, south of the country.

In his statement to the congregation, President Bio said they were present at the funeral to give a befitting farewell to the late statesman, describing Dr Demby as a selfless man who offered his service to the country.

He recalled that the late man served tirelessly as a medical doctor and as a politician who was a vice president during a turbulent time in the history of the country, adding that after politics the old man went to his hometown and became a farmer.

“On behalf of the state, I want to express my deepest condolences to the family. I pray that the late statesman’s soul Rest In Peace,” he said


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