As Opposition Cry Foul… President Barrow Wins Re-Election with 53% Votes


Despite the negative impacts of the Corona Pandemic on the tiny nation, the people were so civilized to detect that price increase is not caused by President Adama Barrow but is a global Issue affecting everyone, so they demonstrated that in the ballot box thereby sending strong signal to the APC adding up to their frustration

Gambian President Adama Barrow has comfortably won re-election, the electoral commission reported on Sunday. The vote was the first in 27 years without former President Yahya Jammeh, who was forced into exile in Equatorial Guinea after refusing to accept defeat to Barrow in 2016.

The president made some progress but that was heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which damaged their economy that relies heavily on tourism, as well as exports of peanuts and fish. APC think say Sierra Leoneans dem fool for just forget de damage wae dem cause to dis nation.

In the run-up to the election, Jammeh had tried to persuade supporters to vote for an opposition coalition in telephoned speeches that were relayed to campaign rallies but he failed to dent Barrow’s following.

The president received around 53% of the total votes cast, far outstripping his nearest rival, political veteran Ousainou Darboe, who won about 28%.

Millennium Development Authorities host S/Leone Vice President

Sierra Leone’s Vice President His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh and members of the Sierra Leone Compact Development Unit, have been hosted by the Millennium Development Authority in Ghana at the Alisa Hotel..

Dr. Jalloh describes the visit and or meeting as an experience sharing one from a sister country that has already implemented two compacts.

Since the Unit was placed under the Vice president’s Office it is believed that it has  been passing the scorecard which remains a good thing for Sierra Leone.

According to the V.P, Sierra Leone wants to be ahead of time in terms of developing the compact and also implementing it.

Welcoming the team to Ghana during the meeting, Martin Eson-Benjamin CEO of Millennium Development Authority applauded the team for  choosing Ghana on such an important fact finding tour, while trusting  that every meaningful outcomes will characterise  deliberations and  the entire visit.

Members of the visiting team headed by the Vice President includes the Minister of Energy Alhaji Kanja Sesay, Financial Secretary at the Ministry of Finance Sahr Jusu, National Coordinator of the  Millennium Compact Development  Unit Ndeye Koroma among others, while accompanied also  by High Commissioner Francess Virginia Anderson.

Inequality between Economic Development & Income in S/Leone

In its preamble, the pending Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the successor to the Millennium Development Goals- states that it represents humanity’s crystallising of its “plan of action for people, planet and prosperity.” This plan of action, as is now well known, contains 17 different goals, ranging from poverty reduction and food security to the management of natural resources and building effective institutions – all simultaneously in the pursuit of being sustainable. The breadth and depth of the goals and over 150 associated targets reflect the complexity of forces at play in our understanding of human progress and development in Sierra Leone.

Nowhere are these relationships more evident than in the one between economic development and income inequality. Indeed, in Sierra Leone where on average the SDGs are arguably most pertinent- this inequality and economic development nexus are particularly important to understand especially as our authorities and their international denialists continue to bang the drums of self praises on what they considered as achievements on the Millennium Development Goals and see their unwillingness to evenly circulate national wealth.

Samura Kamara Urges State Institutions to be Neutral

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 By Leaf Network                                                                                                                                             

The great gateway to prosperity for a nation is very costly but when possessed, it shines brilliantly with mercy and truth.                                                                                                         

Nationalism is the deep rooted love for one’s country origin and characterized of readiness to genie the state in order to fulfilled its purpose as one of the fundamental  pillars of progress.                                                                                 

Patriotism is sometimes defined as the inexhaustible love for one’s country and zealously, supports, and defending it with unstoppable desire to serve the state.

Neutralism is defined as not supporting either side in a dispute, and created a conducive environment of fair play.                                                                                                                                           

With the combination of nationalism, neutralism and patriotism, one becomes a patriot always ready to serve his fellow countrymen or institutions and the state. It includes respect for law, order, regulations and bye law of the land. Patriotism, it is very important to have a thorough check and re-oriented of character from negativity to positivity. In trying to be patriotic, neutral and nationalistic, one of the fundamental keys is the willingness to serve the state or institution  and follow human beings as equals to receive the blessing of Almighty God.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Therefore, other nations now have free access to Almighty God as the father of all creation. The Holy Quran expressed implicit commitment to Nationalism, Neutralism and Patriotism as one of the indispensable  ingredients  for progress and purity. For example, the President Bio-led government banning a seating Imam because he preached against the closure of churches and mosques, its uncalled for.

Some school of thought including the international committee have started to doubt the credibility, sincerity and integrity of the former NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION (NEC) Boss Mr. N’Fa Alie Conteh as a deceitful and corrupt man. We all aware that percentage is hundred (100%), this fellow has been misused and misdirected by ORDER FROM ABOVE or EXECUTIVE ORDERS to announce both the National Elections with 103% and the Tonko Limba chiefdom bye-election with 105% respectively. Now we have some bye-election coming up again, how credibility, transparent and sincerity will it be,  especially with this new administration .  Previously, over twenty five (25) comrade members of the APC party were tortured and unlawfully arrested including the deputy Organizing Secretary comrade Karamoh Kabba at Hamilton, Chairman of WARDC Kasho H. Cole, when the party was doing their political rally.

Let all state institutions inculcated the spirit of Nationalism, Neutralism and Patriotism to redeem our country from abominable atrocities.


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