‘’I am the way for a better Salone’’!! -Samura Kamara declears


By Mustapha Ezekiel Dumbuya

Dr. Mathew Wilson Kamara, former 2018 APC flag bearer for the  All Peoples Congress (APC)Party has declared for the 2023 APC flag bearer in  the fourth coming general elections slated for June 24 this year. He said his intention to lead the APC is ‘’the way for a better salone and that he is the way to better Sierra Leone .’’

He made his declaration to over thousands of his APC supporters in the  Northern Region of Makeni last weekend.

Dr  Kamara’s declearation of intent to lead the All Peoples Congress saw APC supporters from various districts and regions  who had arrived in truckloads with all manners of banners and drums ; singing songs of glory in endorsing the candidature of the man they said they trusted to lead the country.  

‘‘in 2018  the Phrase was “You Sabi am”, today in 2023, the catch phrase is “Yes We Sabi am”, Dr Samura told his cheering crowd at the party’s regional  stronghold district headquarters in Makeni.

He continued that his priority is to take and build back Sierra Leone to save the economy. “We are tired with orders from the above, we must allow public institutions to function effectively and if you show up, step and work hard, you will be rewarded fairly”, he said.

He said Sierra Leoneans are running away from the country in search of greener pastures because of harsh economic hardship noting that when voted into office he would create a more better economic stability for the citizens of this country.

 During the ceremony, the daughter of Dr. Samura,  Lucy Kamara described her father as ‘captain’, a gentleman and a humble and caring father whom she says is so tolerant in nature.

 She stressed that her father possesses huge sense of ‘’humility, open-mindedness as well as his firmness’’ with clear principle disposition.

Lucy urged  the APC supporters to give her father the chance to lead the APC party and support his aspiration to lead the country.

It could be recaklled that ,  In 2018, Dr. Samura Kamara was pronounced as the flagbearer of the APC by former president  Ernest Bai Koroma in a selection process that was unanimously made by his party .

The twist this time, he will be facing a stiff challenge with top big names in his party who have also declared their intention to lead the party during the National Delegates Conference that will  hold  on the 17TH, 18TH, and the 19TH of this month.


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