Forecasting more Vices in Future because of Examination Malpractice…


By Sheku Putka Kamara

I am very concerned that we are gradually accepting that examination malpractice should not be much of an issue in this day and age. How terrible and how ironic! The rate at which we have allowed our kids, pupils and students to feel as if there is nothing wrong to cheat is becoming worrying. These days, it appears as if most students lack the basic essential elementary skills. How did we get here? This is unfathomable.

In almost all sectors, the dangers are beginning to show up. In the universities, it’s even worse. Recently, I had to ask myself how some students made it to the universities. You need to see some of the scripts. I feel sorry for this country like Dr. Momodu Turay would say because no matter what, it is some of these very people that will inevitably be the leaders of tomorrow. I wonder how that tomorrow will be and or look like if we do not make adjustments here and now! If you mean well for your kid and this country, you should not condone examination malpractice. We should allow these young ones to rightly and accordingly go through the fundamental systems and processes.

Now, imagine if all of us had been results of examination malpractice over the years? Do you think we could have been in these enviable positions that we currently occupy? I doubt it. I am expanding this narrative because it is unfortunate and as alleged that we have some parents and guardians that have condoned their kids into such negativities. What lessons are you teaching those kids? You are basically reassuring them that they should feel safe and free to cheat, lie and do all sorts of vices. Sadly, when things go badly and or get out of hands, it is some of these very parents that would want to blame situations and circumstances forgetting that they are actually the architects of the ‘unprogressively’ unfortunate narratives.

We want our kids to have morals, but we have allowed them to embrace immorality with openness and unwelcomed precision. Wonder why we get some shocks all the time? Assuming you’re a banker, lawyer, journalist, engineer, accountant etc who cheated your way through to your current position? Save me the unjustifiable narration. You would just not be the best for that place or seat. That is one of the reasons examination malpractices should have no place or business in society.

Like my mentor, His Lordship the Justice Dr. Binneh Kamara would say, there is no place for falsehood in journalism. I will add ‘society’ in this context and that will go to show and tell that in all we do, we should be apt and actual. Sincerely, I feel for the society that we live in too because poverty is not helping the situation. Imagine a situation where some of our tertiary institutions are accepting students that did not get the requisite university requirements? Come on!

How come have we allowed money to determine how we think and act? This is becoming unbearable. So, it appears as if because the systems created some of the issues, we may have to be dealing with them in years to come! To the pupils, students and all persons that are into examination malpractice, do you feel proud of yourself? Are you sure you’d want to be identified in the midst of all of these occurrences? Where is thy duty to self and to society? This is becoming intolerable. In years to come, why would you want to be in a situation of regret? We should try and save ourselves from these embarrassments. The time is now. Again, this is not just for examinations.

Humanistically, let’s have some retrospection. You know that what you are doing is not right or correct, but because you are of the opinion that no one is aware etc, you continue to indulge in the practices. How disturbing! Let me therefore use this opportunity to ask that we all make some efforts to have some sound and satisfied minds. This is very important in all we do. The ability to understand that things do change is crucial. Situations may not always be right and apt for you, but try to make adjustments and make amends.

Cheating your way through should never be a consideration. The moment we know this, the better for all of us. Be assured that the people you see as mentors and icons did not just wake up one morning and became who they are today. They have endured years of hard work, dedication, challenges and a resolve to get things going and right. If you wish to make similar or even bigger impacts, you should ensure to think bigger and better and yes, malpractices must not be a part of the plan. Otherwise, the end would not always be nicer as expected.


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