Alleged Rape Victim Describes Kamarainba’s Bed room …

ADP Leader, Mohamed KAmarainba Mansary

By Feima Sesay

The Prosecution witness No 1 who was allegedly raped Alliance Democratic Party;( ADP), leader Mohamed Kamarainba has described the bed and bath rooms of specifically the house of Mr. Mansaray.

The 15 year old girl who was under crossed examination by The lead defense lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai for  first Accused Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray told the court Tuesday 1 September that the accused has four bed room in his house and that when she went to the house together with the police, the bath room was on the right hand side of the house not the left as alleged.

She confirmed to the court that at the same immediate right hand was Mr. Mandalay’s wardrobe.

She explained to the court that during the investigation of the visiting police team which she was part of, she passed by the house of Kamarainba because she not could remember the house.  The house is said to be around Femi Tunner Drive, Freetown. She said that they used to live at No.16 John Kheilie Street in Kono but that the family later moved to No 9 Fabanada street in Kono before the alleged incident.

While addressing the issues of ‘’Captain Band’’ -a pregnancy preventive measure said she could recall the exact date she went to the hospital to do the insertion on her arm but noted that it was on a Monday before Valentine’s day.

She added that before inserting the ‘’captain band ‘’she was not on her menstrual circle but that she has started seeing her messes now.

She noted that she started experiencing her menstrual period at age 13.

Lawyer Abdulai challenged the witness that she was lying in her testimony in court that the accused took her in a green vehicle to the hotel and that in her statement she told the police that the accused took her in his gray vehicle.

She also confirmed that she mentioned Diamond Lodge Hotel in her statement to the police on two occasions; first was on the 17th and 21st July 2020, noting that at diamond Lodge Hotel the accused took her to a room and Parlor but that on the 14th February, 2020 they went to hotel at around 4 pm.

She revealed that the sexual intercourse she had with the first accused on the 14th February was her first time and that after the process she went to the birth room on her own without any help.

She also confirmed that it was the second accused, Madam Marion Arouni who brought her to Freetown in March 2020 when the Mr. Mansaray visited them where they had put up.

She told the court that they came to Freetown on a burial ceremony in February 2020.

Lawyer Saffa challenged the witness that on the 14th February, 2020 that the victim alleged she was tampered with by the first accused Mohamed Kamarainba was not true because his client was not in Kono at the time and had never taken her to Diamond Lodge Hotel as alleged in her testimony

But witness told the court that the accused had taken her to Diamond Lodge hotel twice and they had sex.

She told the court that she sat to the NPSE exams at age12 and went to the Success Academy School in 2018 and later went to the Islamic secondary school in 2019.

The witness further confirmed identifying her birth certificate in court during her testimony and that all what she said to the police in respect of her birth certificate was exactly what she had said in court.



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