Focus 1000 Launches Global Initiative Program


By Roseline Bangura
Focus 1000 has on Tuesday the 25th of January 2024 launched its global initiative program which took place at the city hall in Freetown. The launch was to inform and tell the public the existence and the manner focus l000 was founded and the tremendous effort and good work they had done so far in the past years 40 years. The program was climaxed by different stake holders and board members of focus l000 introducing themselves by name and the different organizations they represented.
Focus l000 was established by some retirees such as Dr. Abu Pratt, Dr Sengeh Nas Webber etc they have been so helpful in the past years of working together and had given back to society. They wanted a local organization and they did not want to be and international organization because they had intended for it and its leadership to be credible.
Dan Smith one of the stake holders said that he had known and had worked with Mr. Jalloh for over 40 years, since he was in the USA and has continued this relationship. He said he has no regrets coming down to Africa as it made him to cross paths with the CEO of focus l000 whom he described as an incredible man, and assured that their partnership , commitment and loyalty will still be in existence.
CEO of Focus l000 Mr. Jalloh said that he was very happy for such an event, and he explained that the organization had been in existence since 1984 when he came back from the USA with the help of some retirees and some board members. He disclosed they had intended to have international partners that they could tax from those resources and expertise. “It started over 40 yrs when I was a young man in charge of the Northern Province in the Ministry of Health attached in the primary health care.” He concluded by thanking Mr. Dan and Mr Scott for their loyalty,hardwork , cooperation and partnership in the years they worked together.
This events was been launched by Mr Eric director of planning and development by launching the focus l00 global initiative 2024.


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