fake bailiffs & forged law firm documents…


My house at Goderich does not belong to George Williams

-Says Dr. Williams

George Alfred Williams, 58, a Sierra Leone from the USA has allegedly got involved in a cowboy landlord fight to seize his father’s list of homes off Milton Margai College, Goderich.

Some of the affected tenants who faced the wrath of George Williams after having used the services of certain dodgy bailiffs have complained of a desperate man with the hallmarks of a ‘con man.’

Williams, who has threatened his eighty-something-year-old biological father with a legal demand for $150, 000 as a compensation, whose solicitors have dispatched a missive to the old man in the USA, said ‘he is my father.’

Dr. Burney Bola Nicholson Williams, a former lecturer, has sought the services of his own solicitors and counter-filed a case in the High Courts against his son, told this outlet he did not give his son, George, a Deed of Gift and had not willed his Goderich property and homes to any of his children, including George.

George, when contacted on Wednesday, argued against speaking to the media about the mater without his lawyer, stating, ‘you don say me papa.’ George refused to agree or disagree that his father had not instructed the demolishing of his homes in Goderich; he had no Power of Attorney; nor had he a Deed of Gift in his possession, allowing him to evict the tenants.

A Mrs. Doreen Macfoy was granted the legally binding Power of Attorney to manage the homes and their tenants on behalf of Dr. Williams in the USA. George has sidestepped Mrs. Macfoy and sneakily aggrandized the property and homes for his own largess with the help of a certain High Court Judge with SLPP backing. Dr. Williams’ case filed has not been assigned to a Judge, as a result, delaying and denying justice. 

George Williams arrived in 2021 from the USA in Sierra Leone.  Immediately on arrival, he pounced on the tenants, got a few fake bailiffs armed with crowbars and hatchets attacked the vulnerable people and had them flung out of their homes. Dr. Williams has described his son’s action as corrupt and bad. 

A phone call to Burney Bola Nicholson Williams in the USA confirmed that indeed George, 58, is a son of his, but he (Burney) has not willed the property and has not made any Deed of Gifts yet and neither is George nor his other children are, which makes George a “Con Artist.”

Photos taken at the scene of the property in Goderich, where George had liaised with a few dodgy Court Bailiffs known for their dicey activities, show distressed tenants watching bailiffs on the roofs raiding the houses.  

George arrived in Sierra Leone and living at Wilkinson Road – rumors have it ‘empty pocket.’  By phone calls, Burney, said, “Yes, he is my son. However, bear in mind that I have not willed my property yet. He is not in my Will for that property.” 

The Public Review has in its possession a legal firm’s, Illoba and Associates letter, who represents George Alfred Williams of 109h Wilkinson Road, litigant for redress. George A. Williams has instructed the firm Illoba & Associates to request from his father on his behalf a sum  of 150,000,/00 (one hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars) as a “compensatory reward, damages for breach of contract, damnum, injuria sine damno, loss of consortium.”

George allegedly has been in the USA for most of his life and has arrived in Sierra Leone. In the USA, he has been allegedly accused of living a ruinous lifestyle, now out of pocket he wanted to make quick “bucks” at the expense of his father who had confirmed never had he denied or disown him. In fact, George said, he bears the Williams’ surname. “So what is this all about?” he asked.

Dr. Burney B. Nicholson Williams had rather granted Mrs. Doreen Macfoy, the caretaker of the Goderich property, a power of attorney. Deceptively, George, the “Con man landlord” has sidestepped Mrs. Macfoy who has the Power of Attorney, and abrogated the law for his own aggrandizement behind his father’s back.

Reporters spoke to George A. Williams; he declined speaking on the nature of the matter in the absence of his lawyers.


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