Enthusiasm In Calling People To Register


By Saikujohn Barrie

I see  many people including stakeholders calling on Sierra Leoneans to go out and register to vote in  September to October, for the  2023 elections..

Interestingly and apparently, Governmnment stalewarts  and Opposition supporters are determined for coming Presidentail  elections.

Many people both government’s officials and agents and Opposition officials with their agents are indicating that they will be going to the provinces to urge their people to register in preparation for the elections.

As it is already started signaling, the coming elections will be fierce and hotly contested as both sides are determined to win.

This writer’s take is that, if you think Maada Bio has delivered on his promises  and you trust him to continue then go out and register in order for you to vote him for second term.

On the other hand, if you think Maada Bio has not done enough or has not delivered on his promises,  and you think you don’t trust him, then go out and register so that you empower yourself to vote him out come 2023.

I am just praying that every eligible Sierra Leonean gets the chance to register and vote.

I also pray that the people’s  votes count and also their votes  reflect the true and genuine votes  cast…

 I’m calling on everyone to come out and register to vote as you can only either maintain the status quo, or bring change the government  if you are registered and vote.

Your vote is the light 💡 for your future…

I am pleased with the enthusiasm being shown by both interested parties.

I rest m case .


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