Energy Minister Presents a Brand New 250kva Transformer to the Kingharman Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Medical Superintendent Says the Transformer will Improve the Quality of Service at the Hospital

Cross Section of Energy Ministry

By: Austine Luseni

Communications Specialist

Ministry of Energy

Contact: 077377042/034157390

As part of the Government’s commitment to preventing infant and maternal mortality through the provision of essential support and facilities to hospitals, minister of energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has presented a brand new 250kva transformer to the Kingharman Road Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Freetown.

Making a brief statement at the ceremony, Mr Sesay said that he was reminded about the poor electricity facility at the center in October last year, when he accompanied the President to the hospital on the occasion of the formal commissioning of the facility. Mr. Sesay noted that because President Maada Bio was committed to improving the lives of citizens and in ensuring the provision of essential facilities to Government-owned healthcare centers, he was there to answer the call of the President as well as to respond to the passionate appeal of the hospital.

The remarkably foresighted and result-oriented minister went further to say that the hospital had experienced serious challenges with electricity because it was directly connected to a community grid-a situation which led to issues of low voltages, partial or total outages, malfunctioning of critical medical equipment and other instances of inconvenience to staff and patients. He averred that the new transformer would be exclusively dedicated to serving the electricity needs of the hospital, while also assuring that a team of engineers and technicians would be dispatched to do the necessary connections ahead of his visit and that of the minister of health on Monday for the formal commissioning of the transformer.

Deputy Director-General, EDSA, Mr. Nyama said that the hospital had grown in capacity, stature, and responsibility, with a corresponding need for the use of advanced medical equipment in the admission and treatment of patients. He added that the hospital was therefore in urgent need of a transformer that would improve the quality of electricity at the center so as to help save precious lives. He concluded by saying that the transformer would be a catalyst in the operations of the hospital as it would have a massive impact on service delivery.

While expressing her joy and relief, Medical Superintendent, Kingharman Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Dr. Sarah Conteh said the management and staff of the hospital were more than delighted to see their long-term dream come true. Dr. Conteh noted that those heavy electrically powered medical equipment like Incubators, Oxygen Concentrators, and Air Conditioners which the facility was heavily constrained in using would now be fully utilized to save lives. She assured that she would do everything possible to protect the transformer and ensure improvement in the quality of service to patients. The minister of energy is making energy positively impact every sector of the society, and he has promised not to rest until the energy revolutionization dream of the President was achieved.


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