Court Frees Two Former SLPP Ministers


A High Court in Freetown has discharged an alleged corruption case against two former Ministers in the Bio government; Mr Alpha Osman Timbo; and Madam Emily Kadiatu Gogra; and four others.

The ruling noted that the prosecution was ‘’offering no evidence ‘’against all accused persons in the case on all the charges brought against them by the ACC.

The Judge, Justice Cosmotina Jarret; yesterday, 16th July, 2020 crushed all 15 count charges filed in by the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) few months ago. Mr. Timbo had been a minister of Basic and Secondary school Education and later Minister of Labour and Social Security in the Bio administration prior to his shocking dismissal; while Madam Gogra was deputy minister of Basic and Secondary of Education in the same government.

The court said four other people were involved in what was described as a real time corruption scam over what had been also termed as a ‘’Chinese Rice Scandal’’   that was meant for the School Feeding Program in the ministry of Basic and Secondary of Education  for Pupils across the country.

The allegations were that the rice were to be distributed to schools across the country but were diverted to personal use of some big guys in government (including the accused persons) and private business people.

 According the court, the ACC charged Hon. Alpha Timbo, Emily Kadiatu Gogra, Charles T Kamanda, Mamusu Massaquoi, and Zainab Binta Kamara on the follwing: Misappropriation of Public property, Willfully Failing to comply with applicable procedure and guidelines, Conspiracy to commit offense, Converting property for the purpose of disguising the illicit origin, Concealing the true nature of property, Processing property, and Abuse of office; all amounting to 15 count Charges.

Honourable Miss Justice Cosmotina Jarret Jon Thursday 16th July 2020, discharge them on all count of the prosecution offering no evidence against all accused persons.


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