China to construct another 2000 Seater new Mini Stadium in Freetown-Sport Minister


By Mustapha E. Dumbuya

The Minister of Sport Ibrahim Nyelenkeh told journalists the Gangzo Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Co-operation (GCIGC) would construct a 2000 capacity Mini Stadium next to the Main Siaka Stevens Stadium site in Freetown.

Mr. Nyelenkeh made this statement during a spot visit at site with the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Wang Qing at the ongoing refurbishments work on Siaka Stevens Stadium.

According to him, the construction of this mini stadium is also part of the agreement of renovating the stadium signed by the Government of Sierra Leone and the People’s Republic of China.

The Minister further explained that the 2000 capacity stadium will have all the necessary facilities the main Siaka Stevens Stadium has.

He continued that the contract is been signed for two years and they are expecting the Chinese company to finish work in 2024 at the stipulated period. 

The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Wang Qing confirmed to press men that the Stadium will have new electronic facilities aligned with international standards.

The Ambassador also said that his government is currently discussing with the government of Sierra Leone to see how that can bring an additional value to the stadium by fixing plastic chairs all over.


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