Afro Company CEO Opens Minimart & Water Company


A new water company and a Minimart were opened over the weekend by Humu Koroma, a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur currently based in the United States. The Afro Minimart and Afro Fresh Pure Drinking Water are located at No. 1 Dillet Street, Freetown Sierra Leone.

The Afro Minimart is a shopping outlet located at 1 Dillet Street, off Campbell Street, Freetown. This outlet sells quality products ranging from groceries, provisions, drinks, cosmetics, and many more. These high-end products are mostly produced from the United States of America.

The Afro Fresh Pure Drinking Water is one of the best drinking water manufacturing companies, which is hygienically certified for human consumption. It’s also fresh, healthy and satisfying, and highly recommended for any set of people and any type of event.

Both businesses are currently being managed and run by Humu’s younger sister Fatmata Bah.

The Afro Minimart is a one stop-shop for all your favorite grocery products, mostly manufactured in the United States.

AFRO COMPANY is a conglomerate of businesses, including the Afro Media Network, Afro Minimart, Afro Fresh Pure Drinking Water, Afro Shipping Agency, Afro Bus Service and Afro Rental Service, all owned by Humu Koroma.

According Humu, these businesses are mainly established as part of her role in investing back to her motherland, in a bid to create employment opportunities for young people.

The CEO and founder of Afro Company – Humu Osainatu Abiodun Koroma was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in Germany, where she earned a Degree in Business Management. Humu worked as a Flight Attendant at Ryanair in 2007, and later joined Lufthansa as a Supervisor two years later.

She moved to the United States in 2010 and started working in a TV Channel. After a short period, she was enlisted in the US Military before joining Walmart as a Sitting Manager in 2013.

As a single mom, motherhood stopped her from doing many other things at the moment. She has a beautiful daughter named Amaris Koroma, who served as an inspiration for her.

Humu later decided to establish her own online show – talking about family, God and change on her Facebook page in 2019, where she was spotted and was invited to work at Sierra Cast TV, an online TV platform. She worked there from October 2019 to May 2020, before she quitted on personal terms and set up her own platform, Afro Media Network.

Afro Media Network was launched in May 2020. The platform has introduced a series of online programs, and has broadcast or distributed many Sierra Leonean contents to a wider audience. Humu has a dedicated team of young professionals at Afro Media Network, including Omar Korleone Koroma – a partner and digital engineer, and owner of 232connect.

On behalf of the CEO, the company has done several donations back home, supporting vulnerable women and children as part of its corporate social responsibilities.

From Afro Media Network as a digital platform, Humu has decided to take it further by establishing AFRO COMPANY, a conglomerate of many other businesses like the Afro Minimart, Afro Fresh Pure Drinking Water, Afro Shipping Agency, Afro Bus Service, Afro Rental Service, etc.

She is one of the Sierra Leone Diasporas contributing greatly to the development of the country, from different walks of life.


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