A Sales agent on the Run


Members of parliament of the main opposition party, APC has on Thursday 6th August 2020 staged a peaceful demonstration at the well of parliament by putting on black T. shirts with the description “Makeni Lives Matter” in solidarity with their constituents. Makeni City suffered a tragic and unreasonable conflict last month which led to the death of 5 youths, many injuries and 51 arrests. This decision taken by APC MPs has followed threats and searched warrants, plus arrest by the police for people they referred to as suspects who have been printing and wearing the MAKENI LIVES MATTER T-shirts. The search has been for days now especially those who the police say have been championing the course of the Makeni lives Matter- printing the T-Shirts and selling or wearing them. One man who has been selling this T-shirts and is reported to be on the run is Momodu Alpha Bah of 97 Wilkinson road, in the western part of Freetown. Bah who is said to have been attacked years back by unknown ruling supporters who perceived him as an opposition agent. During this attack, Mr. Bah suffered serious BROKE FOOT which almost made him to loss his life. Bah is said to have announced his support for people who were arrested; and killed in Makeni that he joined the many to mourn the Death of their brothers and sisters in Makeni, and also extend empathy to the youths who are in CID custody. He decides to show empathy by selling the BLACK LIVES MATTER T-SHIRT which put him on the radar, report said that he is on the run as security personnel have declared him to be wanted. He has gone missing since 8 th of August 2020 after frequent telephone calls of threats that he would be arrested and lynched for championing selling of the MAKENI LIVES MATTER T-shirts. Mr. Bah’s where about is still not known as family members feared for his life taking back the dastardly attack, he suffered years ago which almost cost his life. ‘’He could not be reached even on his phone, we are worried, we have done everything to get him but the Situation is getting worse day by day with the such of political instability we have in the country, maybe he has crossed over to neighboring Guinea or Liberia, we don’t know. Only God will help our Son’’ he close Family member told Public Review.


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