Ziral Readi Security Company in over Le90M.vehicles spear parts theft


By Mustapha Ezekiel Dumbuya

The Ziral Readi Security (SL) Limited on Sir Samuel Lewis Road in Freetowm has been accused of stealing over 90 Million Leones spear parts worth over 10 second handed vehicles owned by Ali Bittar.

According to Ali Bittar, the vehicles’s owner told this midium that he handed over 19 second handed vehicles to Kalil Amaza, a Libanise national who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ziral Readi Security Company, for security protection.

Mr Bittar continued that the security guards connived with some senior fitters and scrap metal dealers to extract some spear parts such as the Brain Boxes, radiators, switchs, batteries, alternators and many more adding that the security guards scraped over 10 second handed vehicles.

He also explained that the thieft took place at one of his garage on Wilkinson Road Freetown and he had already reported the matter to the Sierra Leone police whilst the matter is currently under investigation.

Mr Bittar expressed that several complaints have been made to Kalil Amaza, the CEO of the Company, but he is yet to take action since the theft took place.

“I am very disappointed in Ziral Readi Security Company for treating me this way. I hired them to secure my properties and not to steal from me” Mr Bittar said.

Effort has been made by this midium to get the side of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ziral Readi Security (SL) Limited Kalil Amaza but all proved futile


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