To Eliminate Delay In payment Benefits… NASSIT DG Educates 15 Infantry Brigade on Scheme Management


The military being a core component of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust Scheme, NASSIT in collaboration with the military leadership has schooled military personnel of the 15 infantry Brigade on the management of the scheme.

The summit held between the two institutions leaderships on Friday 28 August, at the Battalion Barracks at Lungi which seeks to eliminate bottlenecks causing delays in payment of NASSIT benefits to some soldiers was attended by NASSIT Director General Mohamed Fuaad Daboh and the Chief of Defence Staff, Sullay Ibrahim Sesay.

The engagement comes after senior management of the military led by the Minister of Defence paid a visit to NASSIT in June this year following reports in which payment of NASSIT benefits kept coming up in all deliberations of the various units.

According to NASSIT, after examining the military’s report, it was revealed that issues causing delay of benefits to some personnel were man-made problems due to mis-match of information in their records at the Military and the Trust.

Some of the problems includes but not limited to disparity in date of birth with most of them bearing two different dates of birth, change of beneficiaries, among several others.

At the end of the day, these personnel encounter problems accessing their benefits after retirement or other benefits due them from the Trust simply because they failed to update their information with the Trust.

NASSIT in a PowerPoint presentation at the meeting clearly explained some of the problems causing unexpected delays in their payments as well as the different categories of benefits and due procedures to ensure speedy payment.

With this, the NASSIT Director General thanked the military leadership including the Chief of Defence Staff for their cooperation throughout the engagement, which he said was successful, while expressing optimism that these issues underlined will become a thing of the past.

The Chief of Defense Staff ,Sullay Sesay said, the meeting will serve as an opportunity for personnel to express their challenges to the Trust since they now know that the problems are man- made.

Hence, implored all personnel to update their information whenever there is a change in their previous information at the Trust because they would not want to see a situation where personnel encounter problems in accessing various benefits within the Trust due to their own negligence.

He however expressed gratitude to the industrious DG for being so proactive and sensitive to their calls by making frantic effort to address their decade long concerns.


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