A 58-year-old Creole Landlord “con man” George Alfred Williams alighted in Freetown intentionally ruffle feathers.

Williams is now involved in the scrambling for grabbing homes illegally, especially a 1- acre landed property, belonging to his father in the USA Burney Bola Nicholson Williams, situated off Milton Margai College Road, Goderich.

Octogenarian Burney’s estranged son George, 58, had out of wedlock appeared from out of the blues by the latter part 2021 to the tenants in Goderich, and informing them he was George, “the pa im pekin.”

“Towards the end of 2021, nar in dis boy appear to the tenants den. E go tell them say e nar di pa im pekin, e don gee am the ose. Di pa dae nar im ose nar America and George nar em pekin wae e get out of wedlock. Di tenants called and we told di pa.”

It’s a damn lie.

A phone call to Burney Bola Nicholson Williams in the USA confirmed that indeed George, 58, is a son of his, but he (Burney) has not willed the property and has not made any Deed of Gifts yet and neither is George nor his other children are, which makes George a “Con Artist.”

Photos taken at the scene of the property in Goderich, where George had liaised with a few dodgy Court Bailiffs known for their iffy activities, show distressed tenants in destroyed homes attacked by bailiffs with hammers, crowbars and hatchets.  

George arrived in Sierra Leone having spent a large portion of his formative years abroad, but returned empty-handed – rumours have it that he had lived a prodigal lifestyle.

Burney Bola Nicholson Williams has not denied he has a son.  When this newspaper spoke to him by phone calls, Burney, said, “Yes, he is my son. However, bear in mind that I have not willed my property yet. He is not in my Will for that property.” 

The Public Review has in its possession a missive authored by a legal firm Illoba and Associates, copied George Alfred Williams of 109h Wilkinson Road, litigant for redress. George A. Williams has instructed the legal firm Illoba & Associates to request on his behalf from his father an enormous sum of 150,000,/00 (one hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars) as a “compensatory reward, damages for breach of contract, damnum, injuria sine damno, loss of consortium.”

George allegedly has been in the USA for most of his life and has arrived in Sierra Leone. In the USA, he has been allegedly accused of living a ruinous lifestyle, now out of pocket he wanted to make quick “bucks” at the expense of his father who had confirmed never had he denied or disown him. In fact, George said, he bears the Williams’ surname. “So what is this all about?” he asked.

Dr. Burney B. Nicholson Williams had rather granted Mrs. Doreen Macfoy, the caretaker of the Goderich property, a power of attorney. Deceptively, George, the “Con man landlord” has sidestepped Mrs. Macfoy who has the Power of Attorney, and abrogated the law for his own aggrandizement behind his father’s back.

Burney Williams’ lawyers had filed the matter to be heard in the High Courts and as at now, the Chief Justice had yet to assign it to a Judge. Rumours had it that George A. Williams has connection with “orders from above.” Several phone calls to speak with George himself bore no fruits. Reporters spoke to George A. Williams; he declined speaking on the nature of the matter in the absence of his lawyers.


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