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Two of them were declared wanted

Secret societies have been a threat in Sierra Leone especially in the northern part of the country that has the largest number.

 Several youths groups and religious leaders have been complaining to the government for such issues to be addressed but it is as if government is turning a blind eye on the issue.

Few day ago members of some of the prominent secret societies, especially the Poro society has been hunting some youths for forceful initiation.

About four youths including  Sorieba Bangura and Tamba Bangura were recently unfortunate to escape after they have reportedly declared them wanted by the secret society at Mabanta village, Bombali District in the Northern part of Sierra Leone.

 According to sources family members have reported their disappearance as they are at present seeking for refuge in an undisclosed location.

Sources have also disclosed that some youths are reported to have lost their lives during the initiation.  In some instances some are sacrificed to fulfill rituals which are part of the secret society.

 A similar situation had occurred when Mr. Camara the second Chief Imam of Mabanta Village preached against secret societies stating that his religion is totally against the act of forceful initiation. 

The head of the secret society has declared him wanted on the 26Th July, 2016 to be forcefully initiated to the poro secret society preaching against them but he later escaped and sought refuge elsewhere.

Escapees declared wanted

 After openly criticizing the Poro society, on the following day Chernor Camara the son of the chief Imam was also apprehended and was taken to the Poro bush for forceful initiation.

According to sources Camara also escaped from the bush on the same day and flew to an unknown place after he had known all what is happening at the bush.

Sources have also disclosed that Chernor Camara has been the most wanted man and they have demanded to make him as an example as a way of sacrificing him to the gods.

The act of secret society and forceful initiation sacrificed to fulfill rituals which are part of the secret society has been alarming within the whole part of Sierra Leone.

Both the media and the Civil Society has been raising awareness to the government and the public for such act but it seems like they are beating a dead horse. The issue of secret society is prevalent throughout Sierra Leone and it is gradually been exported outside Sierra Leone to other West African counries.



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