Poem :


In the night of daylight

Poem :

In the night of daylight

By Saidu Bangura,

It is broad daylight
under the brightness of sunlight
but darkness fills the day –
it is nighttime in broad daylight.

Solar eclipse is a constant
for night and day are just the same
as darkness is persistent –
the rays of the sun have been eclipsed.

The darkness we witness
under nighttime in broad daylight
is perennially sparkling –
a reflection of the sombreness of life here.

The brightness of our night
in broad daylight is manufactured –
a product of the obscurity
of the night we have created in daylight.

In the night of daylight
is the nothingness in a unique nowheresville
with a tsunami of darkness –
in broad daylight – a product of ineptitude.

The darkness we witness
in the night of daylight in this wasteland
is not only the absence of light
but the nihility that engulfs nowheresville.


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